Mrs. Beasley was my favorite doll. Just like Buffy on Family Affair. (Above, Mrs. Beasley sits on a chair as Uncle Bill explains the birds and bees.) I don’t know if Mrs. Beasley was created for the show or if she was a popular doll made more popular by theMORE HERE

Now on our Top 100 List If you want to see how much America has lost its innocence, one need only look at the Pfizer Company and its most advertised products. In the 1960s, one of Pfizer’s best known advertised products was the cologne Hai Karate, made by Pfizer’s Leeming/PacquinMORE HERE

Much of old radio has been forgotten, except for a thriving collector industry that has, with the promise of modest returns, preserved a whole segment of American culture for posterity. One of the better known sellers is the Old Time Radio Catalog. BrandlandUSA caught up with Jon Folk, owner ofMORE HERE

Classic pencils are often overlooked. We all remember brands like Venus and Eberhard Faber, and can sense that feeling of a well-sharpened pencil. But many of the brands and individual pencil models have been forgotten; we forgot how the pencils looked. Not only that, but we tend to buy theMORE HERE