Schlitz Gusto Is Back

Great American brand names, when they return, not only elicit a burst of happy nostalgia, they can also make consumers buy things.

Such is the case of the reintroduction of original formula Schlitz beer. Schlitz, with its unforgettable “Go for the Gusto” campaign, was one of the great national beer brands.

After a long series of mis-steps, they are back, thanks to owners Pabst Brewing Co. President Kevin Kotecki told the Associated Press that the brand is “one of the most iconic brands of the 20th century.” Stockpiles are selling out, and there are waiting lists.

We agree.

But there is one other thing that a good brand re-introduction does. It evokes a sense of excitement and passion in the lives of the people who made the product, particularly the people of Milwaukee. Milwaukee’s beer-making expertise was a point of civic pride, and to have lost great brands and factories like Miller and Schlitz did awful things to the sudsy city’s sense of identity.

Above, a webshot from their new “gusto” website.

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