History in Utah’s Lehi Roller Mills

Lehi muffin mixLEHI – Founded in 1906, Lehi Roller Mills still makes bakery mixes from their mills in Lehi, Utah.

The company was founded by George G. Robinson, and is run by Sherm Robinson, his grandson. The muffin mix is a completely pre-mixed recipe.

Pictured here is their Country Blueberry Muffin Mix. Other products are mint truffle brownies, pecan pie bars, bundt cakes, syrups, peanut butter bars and muffin mixes.

It’s sold as a gourmet treat, with gift baskets; Robinson even selects the wheat. But we will let you in on a secret here at BrandlandUSA. We found them for (shhhh $1.80) at Big Lots. Obviously an overstock.

Lessons from Lehi

Looking at Lehi, it shows the economic value in small regional brands. While they aren’t large in volume, they do a good business, and employ at least a few people, as well as provide an income for the Robinson family. But they provide added economic value to the larger community around them, without a cost to the community. For instance, they advertise Lehi across the U.S.; if the town had to purchase this advertising, it cound not afford it. In addition, they give locals a sense of identity and connection to something good that happened. Living history.

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  1. I have some mint truffle Brownie Mix and have lost the back so that I am not sure how to mix them up. If you could send me instructions I would appreciate that. Thanks Gladys Litchfield

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