Pontiac By The Door, Says Byron Hurd

Pontiac at GM

The folks at General Motors are apparently giving Pontiac short attention during press events this week. Bad omen for a great American brand, says Byron Hurd on the site SpeedSportLife.com. Writes Hurd:

In fact, due to Pontiac’s location near the loading area, their floor space was practically eliminated during GM’s press conference so they could parade the likes of the Opel Insignia and Chevrolet Cruze down the red carpet. Nothing will give your brand team confidence like pulling the rug out from under them (pun intended) so you can showcase a collection of production concepts that may not even see U.S. soil in this decade, if at all.

Read Hurd’s great post on the show at www.speedsportlife.com. And a note to auto execs. Cut out the production concepts. We want to see products you are going to make. Anyone can do “production concepts.” GM needs to sell product.


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