Great American (and World) Circus Brands

SARASOTA – Today is no longer the era of the circus. But regional and some national circus troupes survive as of 2009. Below are some of the organizations:

  • Clyde Beatty Circus Founded in 1956, it’s one of the traditional tent circuses, and amazing it is still around.
  • Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus: Not much else to say. Icon. Currently, they have three tours, a red tour, a gold tour and a blue tour. Still, they ought to think about doing a brand spin-off; they really need to recreate the P.T. Barnum show as first, an act in the show, and then secondly as a spin off attraction, separate from the regular circus.
  • Teatro ZinZanni, based on the west coast, is a dinner theater circus in Seattle and San Francisco.
  • Big Apple Circus: An old-style circus in New York.
  • Circus Circus: Las Vegas casino has, of course, a circus operation, Dan Tanna style. Dan Tanna lived next door, and James Bond visited in Diamonds are Forever.

Circuses Around the World

Artsy Francophone Circus Companies

Non-profit Circus Companies

Know of any others? Please leave comments at the end and we can gather a full listing of circus brands around the world.

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