Top Resale Menswear Brands On Ebay

Ed Hardy KidswearJust a useful list we saw on the main page of Ebay today. It was a list of their most searched for menswear brands. It’s a very telling list as demand for resale indicates consumer interest for new (though we wonder if demographically, the folks who might buy Ed Hardy would be more likely to purchase clothes on Ebay.

Frankly, we didn’t pay much attention to Ed Hardy, but we were a little creeped out by their children’s wear we saw on the site. Nothing nicer than posing the kids in front of a couple of skulls and dragons with and asking them to make a come-hither hoodlum expression!

Don’t we live in a nice country!

The list went as follows:

  1. Ed Hardy
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch
  3. Hollister
  4. American Eagle
  5. Affliction
  6. Under Armour
  7. North Face
  8. jeans (generic)
  9. Carhartt
  10. Harley Davidson

Does anybody else agree with me on the Ed Hardy? Or am I too fuddy-duddy?


  • Garland Pollard

    J. Garland Pollard IV is editor/publisher of BrandlandUSA. Since 2006, the website has chronicled the history and business of America’s great brands.


  1. Garland,

    It’s the ugliest *#)# on the planet, but it serves a purpose.

    First and foremost when looking at a retail environment it visually marks the consumers of a certain demographic with disposable income.

    Two, it is keeping the dry cleaning industry on level ground. Did you know that most of those t-shirts must be dry cleaned?

    Three, it is the very definition of planned obsolescence, thus when the trend wears out these families will need entirely new wardrobes.

    Finally, it brings a national discussion to the table about the artistic nature and the cultural acceptance of tattoo design. Ed Hardy (whom I might add is not the designer, just the designer’s inspiration) is a tattoo artist.

    – Sam

    P.S. Search “Steve & Barrys” on eBay. LOL!

  2. It’s funny how wearing a skull tee-shirt and having a tattoo actually labeled you as an outsider at one time. Like everything else with any perceived commercial value the outsider look has been co-opted by corporate America. And yes, I’m saying that the Ed Hardy brand is corporate America. Sorry, kids.

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