Arctic Roll Big Hit In U.K.

Birds Eye Arctic RollA British favorite frozen dessert has returned, the Arctic Roll. The Financial Times reported April 29 that since its re-release in December by Birds Eye, sales are estimated to be 3.5 million GBP or 3 million boxes.

Emma Jacobs writes in the Financial Times that is successful because it taps into a recessionary trend of nostalgia.

The rolls are sold in the original flavor and a new twist. A bit from the site:

Arctic Roll is back and even better than before! We relaunched the Original Raspberry Arctic Roll to an eager public but we didn’t stop there. We also created a gorgeous Triple Choc version for triple chocoholics. If you’ve never tried Arctic Roll, now’s the time to taste what you’ve been missing.

Perhaps there is hope for us Morton Honey Buns fans, after all. How about it ConAgra?


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  1. is there an American version of the BirdsEye Artic Roll? My girlfriend wants me to find it for her birthday.

    Is there another product that is similar that they sell here in the states, or maybe a different product name, as I am aware that sometimes different countries call this by different names.

  2. Pack design looks great, anyone know who did it?

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