Adams Vintage Display at Morton’s

Adams Gum DisplayThe Adams brand is one of the greatest in gum, equal to Wrigley. For decades, they were part of Warner-Lambert, they then became part of Pfizer and were later sold to Cadbury, to form Cadbury Adams.

In the 1970s, they led gum, with brands like Dentyne, Trident, Bubblicious and standbys like Chicklets.

Their Chiclets brand is sold under the Adams banner, rather than the older name, American Chicle. It’s unfortunate the American Chicle brand has been lost.

The company has been sold to Kraft. We hope they are protective of the Adams brand and the legacy the company has preserved.

Here, a display of some of their older brands at Morton’s Gourmet Market in Sarasota. Adams sells a number of brands; these are three of the oldest ones, including Clove, Black Jack and Beemans. Beemans, with pepsin, was named for Ohio physician Dr. Edward Beeman. Black Jack has a licorice taste.

Here, the brands are sold as premium products, in a gourmet setting. This is a very good option for older brands that don’t have a mass appeal. Associating them in such a setting helps to reposition them to new users, and make them available to folks who have been using the product for generations.


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