New Necco Packaging Ruins Classic Look. Necco’s New Coke?

New Necco Wafer PackagingREVERE, Mass. – So tonight we bought some Necco Wafers, one of the classic American candies. And we were shocked when we looked at it when we saw new packaging. Gone is the classic Necco that you see in the picture below. In its place is a jazzy package that looks like junk.

Furthermore, some of them taste different. Did they pay someone to do this? Is this a joke? April Fools is two months’ away!

The pink one tastes all wrong?

Where was the black? The yellow is sort of OK. What’s going on?Necco

Please do not change things that are perfection. When you change things that are perfection, they are, by definition, no longer perfect. They are imperfect.

The packaging is bad, but it is not as much a worry as the packaging can be changed back. What is worrisome is the taste issue.

WBZ has a report on the taste and new recipe. Apparently they have gone all natural, after much research. Can we please stop with the all natural when it screws things up. Or introduce a new “natural” version but don’t screw up the old one? There is no reason why this has to be either/or.

Do other folks sense something is amiss? I will not be buying them any more.


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  1. Please bring my old Necco Wafers back….It is my very favorite candy. I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW NECCO’S OR THE UGLY PACKAGING.

  2. I completely agree. I had some today, and the lime flavor was gone and the rest tasted all wrong. They weren’t the vibrant colors they used to be and they all seemed really lackluster. I’m not sure why they would change something after selling them for years and years. It’s candy…I don’t care if it has artificial flavors and colors. Necco’s are my fave candy but I won’t be buying them anymore.

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