CHICAGO – Chuckles is a simple pectin-based jelly candy with sugar coating, sold in candy bar form. Echoing old Turkish jelly candies, it was an innovation for its ability not to get sticky. The candies are sold in groups of five; the classic flavors are (from left) cherry, lemon, licorice,MORE HERE

A few years ago, on a Delta flight, I recall an attendant handing out Lance peanut crackers, along with Cokes. How delightfully Southern and declassé, but in a good, circumspect way. I was curious how such a staple of the Southern diet, namely a Coke and Nabs, could be servedMORE HERE

BLOSSOM, TEXAS – We hear from fans of the Peanut Rounder. It’s “soft and delicious” soft textured peanut candy made by Anderson Candy Company. Blossom is in Lamar County, in the northern part of the state. The company apparently has its roots in the 1940s, when a fellow named DanMORE HERE Widgets Of the classic Christmas candy items, the Life Savers Storybook is among the best known. Question for readers. Is the selection inside the story book the same as in years past? This year, I see Five Flavors and Wild Cherry, but I cannot recall what other flavors haveMORE HERE

SARASOTA – One night last week, I helped melt Life Savers in the oven. For my wife’s vacation bible school class, they made the week’s theme the stained glass windows in Church of the Redeemer. After seeing the windows of this Sarasota Bay church, the kids took cookies and toppedMORE HERE

The Adams brand is one of the greatest in gum, equal to Wrigley. For decades, they were part of Warner-Lambert, they then became part of Pfizer and were later sold to Cadbury, to form Cadbury Adams. In the 1970s, they led gum, with brands like Dentyne, Trident, Bubblicious and standbysMORE HERE