Robert Iger on Teens, Silver Springs, Macy’s and Cadbury

Some random thoughts on assorted brands that we needed to express, because we could:

  • Disney’s Youth Concern: Disney’s Robert Iger is quite worried about 14-year-old girls, and whether they can be taught to save energy. Or so he tells The Wall Street Journal. “When you have the unique opportunity that our company has, and you can teach them the importance of behaving in a more responsible way from an environmental perspective–it adds up.” Perhaps Disney’s ABC network needs to worry about other things. We would submit that Disney has a unique opportunity with the show The Bachelor to teach teen girls, who watch the show like crazy, that they don’t need to put out in a hot tub or be tested in bed in order to get married. That might be a more “unique” opportunity.
  • Macy’s Wrap: Apparently Macy’s has discontinued free gift wrap. Please! Tell us it is not so.
  • Save Silver Springs: There is a regional effort in Ocala/Marion County, Florida to help save the Silver Springs attraction. It has become run down, and tourism officials and locals are concerned that the whole attraction is in danger.
  • Cadbury Closure: So Britain’s Panel on Takeovers is looking into the closure of a Cadbury Somerdale plant in Keynshaw, England. Kraft, before the purchase of Cadbury, said they believed the factory could be kept open. Cadbury, meanwhile, said they wanted to close it. A bit about the factory from Wikipedia:
    • An important industry in the town is Cadbury’s chocolate factory. The J.S. Fry and Sons business merged with Cadbury in 1919, and moved their factory in the centre of Bristol to Keynsham in 1935. As Quakers, the factory was built in a 228-acre (0.92 km2) greenfield site with social facilities, including playing fields and recreational sports grounds. Called Somerdale after a national competition in 1923, Keynsham Cadbury is the home of Fry’s Chocolate Cream, the Double Decker, Dairy Milk and Mini Eggs, Cadbury’s Fudge, Chomp and most importantly, the Crunchie.


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