Updates on Rochas, Grumman, GM and the Delta Worldport

Grumman LogoBrief items:

  • Proctor & Gamble just released its revived collection of Rochas, under the leadership of Marco Zanini. Proctor & Gamble shut down Rochas in 2006, and brought it back. The Wall Street Journal noted last week that its “nutty wide heels” and such targeted the exuberant woman who wanted to be a bit kooky.
  • Last week, it appeared that the new Northrop Grumman CEO, Wes Bush, would have to decide on what to do about the tanker program that it is competing with Boeing to develop. Grumman is using Airbus as its partner, but well-connected Boeing, initially the loser in the bids, was revived after much politics. The program’s failure to win a bid is partially a branding problem. Namely, it is thought of as a European bid. Why not revive the Grumman aviation name and develop planes under that brand, from your operation in Melbourne, Florida?
  • It’s good news for former GM dealers that were to be cut. The reality? Dealers make most of their money from repairs, not car sales, so why the government decided to force GM to close dealers made no sense. It was, as they say, crazy talk. This is one case where congressional meddling paid off. Back in the day, it was O.K. for dealers to have one brand, and sell a limited amount of cars. Then dealerships went to this crazy idea of volume. What other consumer good is helped by limiting the number of retailers who sell it? It made no sense.
  • It appears to be terminal for the former Pan American World Airways WorldPort at John F. Kennedy International Airport. It is now Terminal 3; apparently it will come down, according to various and assorted reports. The Port Authority will follow historic preservation guidelines for the structure, including a Section 106 review of the assets, before it actually does the deed.


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