Remembering Interwoven Socks


Remember Interwoven Socks? They were one of the nation’s top sock brands, and were part of Kayser-Roth. This ad is from a 1968 Esquire, but by the mid 1970s, Interwoven was known for much more, including the John Newcombe tennis brand.

Interwoven was part of Kayser-Roth, which still exists in North Carolina, and makes the No Nonsense brand of hose.

Perhaps Kayser-Roth might revive this brand, and bring some jobs back to Lumberton, North Carolina.


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  1. Steve Bowman – my father Randy Bramwell worked with your father at Interwoven/Kayser-Roth. I have fond memories of visiting their offices in Manhattan and meeting your father when I was growing up.

    1. I worked for Randy Bramwell for seven years

  2. Steve Bowman, We were neighbors in Manhasset.

  3. My great-grandfather, Wm. E. Smith, Sr., was the inventor of the knitting machine that made the heel of the Interwoven socks. He received the patent in 1914. Do you have any information on that machine or if it is still used? Thanks

  4. I worked for a man that owned a
    550 acre farm with 300 head of cattle in the middle fifties. This man had an office in New Brunswick NJ. Every six months or so we would be invited to his office to take our pick of all we wanted of Interwoven Socks. He had them in big boxes (about 4feet square). He talked like he had them for inspection and approval. His name was John Mettler and he received these boxes from Interwoven in Martinsburg WV. I was very happy with these socks and used them for many, many years after leaving his employ in 1960 when he sold out and moved to FL.

    1. This man that had the office in New Brunswick NJ, was that Mr. Sprosty? My mom worked in the executive office.

      MG, Hagerstown

  5. Yes Garland Pollard,
    Jiffies Slipper Sox were unisex and definetly leisure. They were the ideal travel companion and a ‚must have‘ accessory in every ski-cabin. See the link, I‘ve been passionately collecting these comfy slipper sox since many years.

  6. Was it then also INTERWOVEN who made the Jiffies Slipper Sox? Those colorful Swedish pattern, acrylic wool, knit socks with soft, leather like vinyl soles. Who made those? Is there any stock still out there? I miss them!

  7. Well………the Interwoven Mill was in our hometown of Martinsburg, WV. My memories from the 60’s and 70’s are as follows : Everyone in town had potholders that were handmade with the free surplus sock top rings from the mill. Kids wove them in school, church, and summer camps, as a handy craft type thing.
    And of course they were given to every Mom, Aunt, Grandmother , once completed. I’m told Interwoven was founded in Martinsburg, long before I was born. We used to play football in the front yard of the plant, which was on King St.
    Black and white kids. Grade school and junior high age. Didn’t know what prejudice was at that age . My best memories up there were about 1972 and I was 12 then. Interwoven employed a lot of people at one time.
    There was an old photo I saw once of a labor strike there in the 1930’s. King Street was overflowing with those on strike. This photo was on the front page of the Martinsburg Journal newspaper. In the middle of the crowd was my Uncle Billy who had played hooky from school to go see all the commotion. His Mom and teacher got that paper, too. Busted !
    Martinsburg was a great little town. Seemed like Mayberry in the 1960’s. Interwoven played an important part for the income of many people. We had Corning Glass,, General Motors, ……..good Union jobs with benefits. Martinsburg was still relatively small back then.
    Could hunt and fish just about anywhere back then. And everything you owned was good stuff and made in the USA. Even your socks !

  8. I worked for arnold raphael for 13 years..interwoven/esquire socks/jiffies/ 1968. I have ads from collection. Never could get rid of them. The rockwell massive paintings were in my office for many years..woman darning socks..etc.until sold by new co.

  9. I wore these kind of socks in the 70s specially with my old school playboy shoes in cream color that were the mod by that time for puerto ricans in Brooklyn, and I tell you those socks are comfortable to the max. recently I bought 4 pairs on ebay because I had 3 pairs of playboy shoes bought on ebay. This is insane getting those socks today but I found it. I love the way these socks dress me up. I still am looking on ebay for those vintage cream color interwoven socks. Thanks for let me express my feelings about this brand of socks (Interwoven).

  10. You should see what s0me vintage Interwoven socks are selling for these days e.g.

    I often wonder what, exactly, prevents a company from producing this exact sock in this exact fiber today. Properly cared for these socks lasted 10+ years, and I think I just answered my own question.

  11. The best quality socks in the world are made by Pantherella – made in England since 1937 but there are reps and stockists all across the USA!

  12. How about jordache panty hose and John Newcomb tennis ware and Pacer running ware

  13. Yes, David Bowman,, I remember him being at the helm.

  14. I REMEMBER! I still have a wearable pair of support hose. I would love to find a brand of comparable quality socks.

  15. My father David Bowman was president of Interwoven till the mid seventies

  16. Anybody that has worked in the fashion industry as an outside sales rep,, please contact me at my e mail site…. Lets compare the outrageous excesses that the industry provided during those very different times. Bill Webster

    Still listening for the loudest noise in my Rolls at 60 MPH other than the ticking of the clock.

  17. Anybody that has worked in the fashion industry as an outside sales rep,, please contact me at my e mail site…. Lets compare the outrageous excesses that the industry provided during those very different times. Bill Webster

  18. Concerning my last post :: forgot to mention that SuppHose was an Interwoven brand that I also sold to mens shops and department stores… those of you might remember that item which was basically a support hose for men… Also,, a slipper called Jiffies,,, a slipper every man got for Christmas at least once… nice slippers cause they folded up with soft soles … also carried pocket squares,,, I eventually worked for Arrow Shirts, Dante Mens accessories and Redfield Importers among other more forgettable brands.. Bill Webster,,, king of the road

  19. I was a territory rep for Interwoven in the early 70s/ A man by the name of Clyde Boughten ( spelling ?) was the President of Interwoven back then. I had the Pittsburgh Pa. region. Very popular and well recieved brand. Every mens shop carried the brand as a price point sock. The Gold Toe brand was the competition,, but Gold Toe was more money and did not do the dozens that Interwoven did. I can still remember counting the under the counter inventory by hand since computers were not in force yet.. Olive Green, Brown, Black, that was about it… simpler days… Arrow Shirts had just busted out of the White only days and were offering a rainbow of colors and patterns,, Arrow came out with a Fashion Pack , consisting of a shirt and tie color matched in one package,,,, it was a huge home run for the company..

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