Chuckles Candy Still a Pectin-Packed Package

CHICAGO – Chuckles is a simple pectin-based jelly candy with sugar coating, sold in candy bar form. Echoing old Turkish jelly candies, it was an innovation for its ability not to get sticky.

The candies are sold in groups of five; the classic flavors are (from left) cherry, lemon, licorice, orange and lime. The order of the placement seems the same as back in the day.

Fred W. Amend, of the Fred W. Amend Co., started the Amend company to sell Chuckles, which first, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, went on the market in 1922. The key factor was that the formula (and dry sugar) kept the jellies from sweating.

In 1949, they filed the trademark. Made at 8 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, the company was purchased by Nabisco in 1970.

The trademark for Chuckles was filed in September of 1949; after Nabisco ownership it was later made by the Leaf company. It is now made by Farley’s & Sathers, though the trademark ownership shows as the below Huhtamaki Finance B.V. of the Netherlands.


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  1. Looks similar to product sold under Tartines name

  2. I would like to thanks for posting this Article, I knew before this but i didn’t know more that Made at 8 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

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