LeSueur Messes Up Classic Logo


  1. Never mind the label, now they have changed the peas! They are larger and taste like crap! We’re donating the rest of the cans we bought to a food pantry!

  2. I agree that General Mills is indeed messing up the LE SUEUR logo. I clearly remember the old logo from the late 1960s because my mom bought plenty of cans of these peas at Food Fair in Old Bridge, NJ (the town where I grew up in the 1960s and 70s). They were and still are the most delicious peas. I ran to two supermarkets today right after I got your email and at the second supermarket I was able to buy the last three cans of LE SUEUR with the great old 1960s logo. The rest of the cans are with that new logo which I do not like. I will put a call into General Mills and let them know that there is no reason to mess up this great brand with the creation of a new logo that fans of LE SUEUR do not like or recognize. Some hot shot brand manager is sadly screwing up this brand when the old logo should be left as it is because it is perfect and does not need a new logo.

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