JAMAICA, NY – The recent renovation of the Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center, now known as T5, was a true passing of the torch, as Ruth Richter Holden, daughter of TWA co-founder Paul Richter, flew her restored Lockheed Electra into JFK for the dedication ceremony. Ruth Richter Holden, quite anMORE HERE

NEW YORK – Yes, one can still find a bit of glamour flying into or out of New York City, even though the terminals feel like the Port Authority and the runways are backed up at Newark, JFK and LaGuardia. For instance, Delta operates its Delta Shuttle out of PanMORE HERE

Now that the Delta/Northwest merger has been completed, the work of re-branding the two airlines begins. Rebranding is needed for obvious reasons; you have two very different airlines, with very different traditions. If Northwest has a midwestern and West Coast feel, Delta is all about the South. Like a SouthernMORE HERE

Former TWA Flight Center Takes Flight NEW YORK, Sep 22, 2008 — JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq:JBLU) has set the opening of JFK’s restored Terminal 5 for October, and announced retail tenants. T5, the new name for the historic landmark (and Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center) will have 22 food and beverageMORE HERE

One of the most missed American brands is Pan American American World Airways. But in the fall of 1999, Pan American World Airways had its second life. This was a miracle even in the airline world where once fabled brands sometimes reappear (Braniff, National) only to disappear as quickly asMORE HERE

On Monday, the AirTran unveiled a “Say YES to Orlando” wrapped airplane with a special performance from the resident company La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil. The unveiling of the Air Tran “Say YES to Orlando” airplane was timed this week to coincide with AirTran’s special promotion on airfares acrossMORE HERE

Ethiopian Airlines. One of the last surviving pieces of Trans World Airlines (it was once run by TWA), the African airline has survived Civil War, famine and economic crisis. But how could anything so great and so cool survive so long? The question should how could it not, with itsMORE HERE

Miss those pneumatic airline audio programs? Of course we do, though sometimes the plastic air tubes for onboard entertainment would poke into your ear if the rubber end was loose, I think. As my Very Astute Companion says, there was “the magic of being able to plug anything into theMORE HERE

What’s one of the most historic airport buildings in the world? There are many, including the former Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia, now the home of the Delta Shuttle. Delta also has another historic terminal on Long Island with a “way-cool” factor. It is Delta’s Terminal 3, the former PanMORE HERE

The Northwest Airlines brand should not disappear. BrandlandUSA believes that Minneapolis and Detroit (and anyone who loves and values American history) should not stand for losing the brand Northwest if the airline merges with Delta. An insider note on branding. Many people who work in branding and advertising have aMORE HERE