Brief items: Proctor & Gamble just released its revived collection of Rochas, under the leadership of Marco Zanini. Proctor & Gamble shut down Rochas in 2006, and brought it back. The Wall Street Journal noted last week that its “nutty wide heels” and such targeted the exuberant woman who wantedMORE HERE

KANSAS CITY – Reader Joe Vaughan gives us an update on the Airline History Museum in Kansas City. A group of retired TWA employees and airline history enthusiasts have developed a museum at Downtown Airport. The last of the Super Constellations (“Connies“) is there, and the museum recently acquired theMORE HERE

A friend sent us this link of vintage airline commercials that was posted to the Facebook fan page of USAirways pilot Sully Sullenberger. We thought they were a great big fun time waster. There are ads from Ozark Airlines, North Central, American, Allegheny/US Air, United, Western, PSA, Frontier and Southwest.MORE HERE

MIAMI – There could not have been a more perfect Florida ambassador, and airline, than National Airlines. When the “Sunshine Airline” merged into Pan American World Airways in 1980, a uniquely Florida institution was lost. It was the first major airline that promoted a state as its marketing position andMORE HERE

It’s a fundamental of trademark law. To keep a trademark, you have to use it. My old Virginia bank Virginia National Bank learned that lesson. It dropped the name VNB, and merged a number of times into what is now Bank of America. A few years ago, a new start-upMORE HERE

The airline backpack is a tired old idea that has mostly been forgotten, save those nifty retro backs reintroduced by Pan Am One. USAirways has come up with a new version of the airline bag; they posted a picture of it on Photobucket. It’s a great idea to promote yourMORE HERE