MIAMI – There could not have been a more perfect Florida ambassador, and airline, than National Airlines. When the “Sunshine Airline” merged into Pan American World Airways in 1980, a uniquely Florida institution was lost. Arguably, it was the only airline that promoted a state as its marketing position andMORE HERE

It’s a fundamental of trademark law. To keep a trademark, you have to use it. My old Virginia bank Virginia National Bank learned that lesson. It dropped the name VNB, and merged a number of times into what is now Bank of America. A few years ago, a new start-upMORE HERE

The airline backpack is a tired old idea that has mostly been forgotten, save those nifty retro backs reintroduced by Pan Am One. USAirways has come up with a new version of the airline bag; they posted a picture of it on Photobucket. It’s a great idea to promote yourMORE HERE

HOUSTON – Look out for a new Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) Boeing 737-900ER, which is painted with a retro livery to commemorate the airline’s 75th anniversary, which will be celebrated July 15, 2009. The livery was was originally used on aircraft beginning in 1947 and is called The Blue Skyway,MORE HERE

AMSTERDAM – When governments come and go, companies that are dependable throughout the decades, even colonial companies, earn enormous goodwill. Such is the place of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which is one of the major European carriers to Africa. While American carriers like Delta haved turned themselves into boring genericMORE HERE

STOCKHOLM – We are so there. It’s a Jumbo Jet hotel that opened in January in Stockholm. It’s a converted 747, made extra cool because it was formerly operated by Pan Am. The plane is apparently called Liv; it was grounded at Stockholm Arlanda Airport back in November 2002 andMORE HERE

We wrote some time ago about the different versions of the Pan Am name that have survived even though the airline has died and come back to life a number of times. Such is the goodwill in the brand that it keeps on selling product. Today, we write about PanMORE HERE

If KLM and Air France can keep their unique identities after a merger, then why can’t Delta and Northwest keep their identities? This week, Landor Associates, the branding firm, redid the positioning of KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines. This was to help build on KLM’s long heritage. KLM is part ofMORE HERE