Pepsi Logo Redesign Goes Back to All Caps

PURCHASE, N.Y. — Pepsi is introducing a new logo and visual identity system, the first update of the Pepsi globe logo in 14 years. Pepsi will release the new design in North America this autumn to coincide with the brand’s 125th anniversary, and globally in 2024, marking the brand’s next era with a view to the future. The updated design will appear on all “physical and digital touchpoints,” including packaging, fountain and cooler equipment, fleet, fashion and dining.

“We designed the new brand identity to connect future generations with our brand’s heritage, marrying distinction from our history with contemporary elements to signal our bold vision for what’s to come,” said Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo.

The company goes back to all caps, in a design that is closer to the design from 1962, when it eliminated its scripty logo in favor of a modern PEPSI on a bottle cap. In recent years it has played with the logo, including a Jeff Gordon “Throwback” in 2009.

Refreshed Pepsi Look

The company said that the new logo and visual identity “pays homage to the brand’s rich heritage while taking a big leap towards the future.”

Unlike Coca-Cola, Pepsi has consistently updated its logo almost every two decades.

The change will appear on the classic, sugared Pepsi, as well as spin-offs Nitro Pepsi, Pepsi x Peeps, Pepsi for SodaStream, and an improved “Pepsi Zero Sugar.”

The company said that the revitalized and distinct design “introduces movement and animation into the visual system, unlocking more flexibility for Pepsi to move between physical and digital spaces, from retail shelves to the metaverse. It also allows for more seamless and creative collaboration with partners and retailers and more versatility to engage fans in the places they shop, dine, work and play.”

BrandCrowd has a decent vid of the evolution of the logo.

The updated design features a visually distinct can silhouette, which heroes the iconic Pepsi can as an “accessible brand for all.” A modern, sans-serif typeface is said to reflect the brand’s “confidence and unapologetic mindset.” The signature Pepsi pulse evokes the “ripple, pop and fizz” of Pepsi-Cola with movement, bringing the rhythm and energy of music, an important and continuing part of the Pepsi legacy.

The new Pepsi logo and visual identity will debut this fall in North America, followed by a global rollout in 2024.


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