CHARLOTTESVILLE – Any person who lived in Virginia in the 1970s would know these regional bank jingles. “F&M’s free banking puts you and your checkbook … a jump ahead.” “Virginia National is the way Virginia Banks today.” The two banks merged, and became Sovran. Something was lost. Little was gained.MORE HERE

Ran across the Wells Fargo corporate history site and companion blog. The blog is called Guided By History, and it is run by Wells Fargo’s Historical Services department. Wow. Not only do they have writers blogging and posting history about Wells Fargo and its customers, but the company runs aMORE HERE

In The Wall Street Journal this morning, in an ad for Wachovia’s merger with Wells Fargo, the A.G. Edwards logo is prominently displayed as an equal to Wachovia. The ad is called “The Wisdom of Age. The Strength of Experience.” It cites Wachovia and A.G. Edwards’ combined 120 years ofMORE HERE

As lovers of great American brand names, General Electric is the best. Not because the scripty GE logo is cool (it is). It is best because GE stands for something great about America. It is a living monument to one of the greatest Americans ever, and because of that, itMORE HERE

In this time when the market is down, we wonder what the late Charles Engelhard would have thought? Gold, gold, gold. Oh, and platinum, platinum, platinum. Can’t be sure about that, because he’s gone. But we guess Goldfinger would be sitting happily. Read our posts on why BASF should notMORE HERE

We think of all the crashed empires of today. Each generation leaves its famed bankers. We wondered what happened to Lytton Financial, which was a high flying savings and loan company, and its founder, Bart Lytton. He looks right out of the “Mr. Drysdale” California of the 1960s, doesn’t he?MORE HERE

There are the crashed financial empires of today, and the crashed empires of yesteryear. Each generation leaves its famed financiers. A forgotten tycoon is Lytton Financial, which was a high flying savings and loan company. Its founder, Bart Lytton, looks right out of the “Mr. Drysdale” California of the 1960s.MORE HERE