Search for the Old Remedy Antiphlogistine

Some have asked BrandlandUSA to help them find the poultice Antiphlogistine. Hard to spell, and even harder to find.

It was apparently one of those genius products that really worked, and still might have a market today if you could find it.

In the early 20th century, Antiphlogistine was one of the old remedies for boils, poison ivy and chest congestion, first used in 1893 and created by Denver Chemical of New York. The initial trademark application reads:


The product apparently changed.

On the United States Patent and Trademark site, the second version of the product was apparently first marketed in 1948.


Somehow Church & Dwight owned the trademark, but it died, and was revived in 2010 by W.F. Young, Incorporated, 302 Benton Drive East Longmeadow Mass., 01028

Online, there are many who search for the product. The poultice version is apparently sold in Canada, or here, but only to be used with horses, though many use it apparently for themselves.

Love for some readers to help out as to how to get this product, or tell readers which formula is which. Do you need to smuggle it to the U.S.? Or is the animal version the same as the human. After all, isn’t a mentholated poultice a mentholated poultice?

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  1. I found an 8 ounce jar of this in an antique store. Denver Mud was made by Demco, Inc, Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado. It is tan in color. The ingredients listed on the box include 56.6% powdered silicate of aluminum (USP), 12.6% glycerine, 0.1% resorcin, 0.2% boracic acid, 0.2% oils of peppermint, wintergreen and eucalyptus, and 30.3% moisture content.

  2. im 62 now my grandmother put it on a piece of sheet that would cover he chest if you had fever it would say sticky she used this on my dad when he was young they were very poor the doctors gave up on him she put a plaster on him they said they had to fan the flys away from his mouth dont know how many days later he woke up and wanted a biscuit . after he grew up he was drafted ww 2 they wouldnt take him ask him if he had ever been shot .he said no come to find out he had tb scars on his lungs so i would have to say Antiphlogistine and many prayers is why he survived i also go it a few times you could buy i in he pharmacys

  3. It is now August 2019, and have been following with interest.
    I am in need of Antiphlogistine, and wondered if as Carrie Brannon has suggested, anyone has taken up the offer from
    this small chemical manufacturing company?

    1. I’ve just come across this and also would like to know if this product has been made again?

  4. I found a chemical manufacturing company that will make custom formulas in small batches. It would be awesome if some of us could get together to pay this company to make a batch of this from the ingredient list and amounts Andre so kindly provided in his photo just above this comment!! We could get enough for ourselves & have some to sell to others who love this product!
    Like everyone else, my mom used this stuff on me for bad colds ween I was a kid in the 60s & 70s and it works!

    Cbrannon42 at gmail dot com

  5. My mother used this on us when we were young in the 60s and 70s. I used it on my son who is now 25. I was looking for it for my grandson who has pneumonia. I was disappointed that it is not sold here anymore but saw on here that someone said it was sold in Switzerland. My friend is currently there and was able to get me 2 tubes!

  6. My grandson has pneumonia and is being treated with traditional medications and is getting better very slowly. I immediately thought of this product and began looking. My mother used it on us when we were young and I used it on my son who is now 26. I was so disappointed that it is no longer sold. I have a friend currently visiting family in Switzerland and messaged her after reading these comments. She was able to get me 2 tubes! It looks the same, but the label is not in English. I will know more when it arrives in the mail. I am very excited!

  7. In the 70’s the Dr.s were going to amputate my Dad’s finger..My Mom asked if she could work on it first,Dr. said “Have at it” and she used antiphlogistine on it and saved his finger..
    Is the product from Canada the same product that we love and want, the old Antiphlogistine ?

  8. I really would like to purchase a tube of this ointment, have used it with success in the past. pklease send location where I can purchase it. thanks

  9. In 1954 my toddler daughter had a very infected index finger. I tried home remedies; but nothing was working. Her finger became very swollen and purple. I took her to our doctor. He said it was a good thing I brought her in, when I did; because she was very close to losing her finger, the infection was so bad. He prescribed antiphlogestine poultice. It worked like a miracle! I have not been able to find it since. Everyone should have some in their medicine cabinet. Is there any available in the Greenville, South Carolina area?

  10. I am an 88 year old woman that used antiphlogestine as a teenager in the 1940’s. Any kind of infection that had to be poulticed out to get rid of infection and heal was the product my mom used. I am trying to find it too. Any information on where to find it in Sacramento would be a miracle. Thank you. But $40 is too much for me to pay.

  11. I just have to say that I love this thread. I was watching a Graveyard Girl video on YouTube when I heard the name of this product mentioned. She didn’t know what it was so I wanted to know for myself! I don’t know why, but I loved reading these comments. In some small place on the internet, this safe little space, people just share these warm memories about a miracle salve. Now I want antiphlogistine.

  12. I’m like all the others, having “Mom” put warm antiphlogestine on my chest with a piece of flannel to get rid of bad coughs. You could wear it all day and it still worked. I used it on my own children in the 70s and I would purchase a tub by WF Young, I think that was the company. My Mom would laugh and say it was for horses but it worked on people too. She had it put on her when she had double pneumonia in 1940. Unfortunately WF Young sold the “recipe” to another company and I contacted this company in the 80s to purchase a tub of the stuff. I will tell you this, the new recipe did not work. I always felt there was something missing and it did not work the same. I have a handicapped child who cannot afford to get congestion in her lungs and I so wish the old recipe was available. The tub I received had a horse on it but I knew it worked so I paid no attention to the horse. When you get “new and improved” it just means they eliminated something from the old recipe but it doesn’t make it better. I watched it work on myself, my children and yes once even my husband was so sick he let me put it on his chest. In the early 80s I gave my last bit of the old stuff to a friend whose child was very sick with Asthma and after she tried it she couldn’t thank me enough. Why is it when something works it suddenly disappears or the FDA or some organization like that says no, it’s not good for you. We need the old recipe. It could save us from going to the doctor time after time and having them say you have to wait it out, you’ll get better. Would sure like to know if anyone can find the old recipe. Thank you for listening.

  13. My grandmother used Antiphlogistine for my sore throats and chest colds. She warmed it and spread it on a flannel cloth and then put on the area with the symptoms. It worked!!. She also used it warmed for splinters or ingrown toenails as well. I am trying to find this product.

  14. There is a product similar to Antiphlogistine for sale now on Etsy and Ebay. Its called Herb Hollow Medicated Poultice Dressing. Also some original jars of it available on ebay.

  15. When I was 8 a during WW2 evacuated to Cornwall, for a while I lived with my mother in Portloe in 1941, one morning my left knee was so painful, although nothing to really be seen. my mother to me to a local nurse, who dressed it with Antiphlogistine alho I have always pronounced it as Antiphilogiston LOL. up came my knee a double abscess. I still have the 2 side by side scars now altho rather faint at age 85, I always understood this was replaced by Kalin Poultices, perhaps it’s the same , but because of the long complicated name , it was just
    Shortened to KALIN

  16. This ALWAYS took away congestion of bronchitis. Can’t find it anymore. Has anyone even tried this newer lotion? Anything that works well disappears off the market as if someone pays the company to quit manufacturing it!

  17. I am very interested in acquiring this product.I have an old jar,perhaps 50 years old. It preformed
    as described. I’ve spent the last 40 years trying to replace it.I ran into an older doctor who said he made a similar product, he called second opinion,but could not locate it. I’ve seen it preform magic, as a drawing poultice,including breaking up extreme chest congestion.

  18. I was just contacted today by someone from NYC about possible Canadian supplies….
    Unfortunately, unless it’s in someone’s home, barn, etc…. the product is no longer produced :-(….

    I did however find the next best closest thing, so here’s the link to my replacement product suggestion….

    I will mention it is not as Thick as Antiphlogistine Poltice, and it drys out way faster (I put plastic wrap over it to keep the moisture longer) but it’s also WAY EASIER to wash off later 😉

    The ingredients are almost identical, obviously the clay is probably the basic difference in consistency, but honestly, this stuff does a good job in the long run….

  19. It was tan in color.Came in a jar. My mother would place the jar in hot water and apply it to the impacted area as warm as possible and cover it with cloth or gauze. Worked wonders on sprains. Have looked for it for 50 years with no luck. The salve worked like a miracle.

  20. when I was a kid (back in the 40’s) my mom used to put a poultice on slivers AND one time I got bit by a black widow spider, the poultice that we called “Denver Mud” drew the venom or whatever it is called out of my arm. She swore by the stuff….it was a tan color as I remember. I remember that it was antiphlogistine, but we always just called it Denver Mud. WONderful stuff I know that for sure. worked on my Dad’s boils, too…..very drawing salve….

  21. I am looking for the Antiphlogistine poultice too! As I’m not a doctor, but an long time user of herbs & Essential oils, I’d try a Mustard plaster for the chest colds. Please look on the internet for the formula!
    You might try a poultice of flour for the drawing out of infections. Just plain unbleached flour mixed with distilled water. Make it very thick! Spread on to gauze or white cloth like muslin. Leave on over night. Change daily! Hope this might help some of you. Bee blessed!

    1. Author

      thank you for this Rita. The idea of a mustard plaster seems like a very good option.

  22. I remember using Antiphlogistine as a kid and have a swelling of my left leg. It is not water retension. Tell me where I can get this merical dressing.

  23. Does anyone know if the product available for horses has a similar (sticky) consistency as the old product discussed here?

  24. I would like to purchase for my grand childern. They
    are constant we bronchitis. Help me please!

  25. Please notify me of follow up comments. I would like to purchase antiphlogistine. My mother used it whenever we had chest congestion from a cold and it worked- as others have been saying.

  26. Back in 1974, my mother in law used to use this on my daughter for bronchitis. She would put the paste on her chest and then put a flannel clith on it. Worked great.

  27. You can find this product in most pharmacy in Canada. I have been using it since I was a child and buy it every time I have a chance

  28. i have a 1 lbjar that belonged to my Grandpa. have been using it for many years. it is a great product. it seems that anything really good, they stop making. it contains glycerine,boric acid, salicylic acid,methyl salicylate, oil of peppermint,oil of eucalyptus and kaolin. i would like to be able tobuy this again also.

  29. I have been using the ointment for 60+ years.It really works. I met a Doctor that said he made a
    similar product called Socend Opinion.I would really like to find either product.Thanks,David T.

  30. I really wish to find this product as I know it .I am running out of the 20 year old tube.A very interesting doctor told me he produced a product called Socend opinion.He has sense passed I understand.Any help would appreciated.Thanks

  31. I am in complete agreement with everyone. My Mom used this on our family when I was a kid. Every cut, scratch, bite etc. got antiphlogistine and a bandaid. Took out infection and healed quickly. I had a tube for at least 30 years. It has disappeared and I have also been searching. Only thing that works. Please someone start making this again

  32. I have a glass jar I found in the contents of my grandpa’s things, it’s about 3 inches round, and 2 inches tall. It’s full of Antiphlogistine- Medicated Poultice dressing, made by the Denver Chemical Mfg. CO. INC, New York, N.Y. looks like it was never used or opened. It looks like its kinda old, but being in a glass jar/metal lid and sealed up good, has kept it all in great condition. If anybody is interested in it, I would take any kinda offer, and can ship it to any of the 50 states. My number is 219-508-0714- texts would be best way to get ahold of me, if u call and no answer, I’m at work and leave message and I’ll call u asap. My email address is I can send pictures or any other information. Thank you

  33. Antiphogistine poultice is available in Canada in the 5 lb tubs.

    Perhaps those interested in 1/2 or 1 pound amounts can contact myself…
    I’m sure something can be worked out 🙂

    I’m planning on picking some up shortly.
    ddreemz (at)

  34. I posted the previous comment on antiphlogistine. Now another family member has contracted a chest cold, and is up in years. It has occurred to me that Alex could market this product along with many of his other health related products. MANY are looking for it as originally formulated. I just sent a webmail to WF Young, that stopped making it and asked for the ingredients along with the percentages of each. THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKED IN THE PAST and not just for chest colds.

    Next I provide a link to what others are saying about their search for this product and a website that is trying to help them with some of the product history that goes back to 1893.

    Please read the comments section.

    I believe if Alex or someone on his staff for health related products contacted WF Young they would have a better chance at getting a response, and might even be able to provide it once the formula is given to them. So far I’ve found the following as ingredients, but without percentages:

    kaolin clay, glucose, glycerin, water, boric acid, sodium benzoate, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and salicylic acid

    This product has been used for both humans and horses, but in the past there was a version produced for human use.

    My research did identify issues related to the salicylic acid. It seems to me that a disclaimer (avoiding usage for those with certain conditions) would make this ingredient a minor concern. I experienced overnight healing as a boy from a chest cold, which can be quite dangerous if not effectively treated. Considering the ineffectiveness of over-the-counter pharmacy products for conditions this medication successfully treated I consider it to have overwhelming beneficial properties.

    Please, Alex, or someone on his staff respond to this. In my case it is my wife’s mother I’m trying to find this medication for.

    By the way, I’m an avid listener to all of Alex’ radio programs. I hope his efforts to free this country from the control freaks that have overwhelmed it, and that of many other countries, are successful.

  35. No shame in being a conspiracy theorist As former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell said when “they” ousted her ‘just because you think there’s a conspiracy doesn’t mean the arent out to get you’

  36. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but my experiences are like that of everyone who posted here. With all the corruption taking place in this country, in particular among the pharmaceutical industry in this case, it is obvious to me that this product is being repressed to make way for much more expensive, and less effective, patent medicines on pharmacy shelves. The lack of effectiveness of current products, of course, means you must return again for more of the same.

    Why can’t we call dishonesty out bluntly when we think appropriate? It is my view that this is the only way to get the attention of those who are possibly acting illegally. Regulators, of course, are not here to serve the public. Their constituents are those who will “pay for play”, which leads to the current unavailability of products like antiphlogistine.

    My wife has had chest congestion for some time, and the available products don’t work. I know antiphlogistine would. This makes me VERY angry. I urge people who want this product not to be so timid in their displeasure.

  37. My mum would love to get some of this. It was used by her family when she was a child and it worked brilliantly, not just as a drawing agent for boils, splinters etc, but also great for easing sore throats, when applied as a poultice. Would really love to be able to get some. We are in Australia….

  38. My grandmother had a container of this when we were kids and used for scrapes splinters boils…. hers was in a flat can like a big shoe polish – now A535 AT Walmarts some say antiphlogistine all have wintergreen smell. As soon as I saw the word antiphlogistine my memory could provide the smell of that stuff and it was oatmeal or putty colour…. want to get some to have on hand and if I could lay my hands on the horse stuff I would use that – I have a jar of stuff that is for cracked heels etc and was originally for chapped udders so there you go. Now it is markets for humans George’s is the brand…

  39. I have found an implement that is a product of this cream. It is aluminum, about 6″ long, and has the name, Antiphlogistine embossed into it and reads, “Apply” “Warm and Thick”. Would there b any collects or peps who would be interested in this implement?

  40. I have a tube I bought while home in CT. back in 1997 and we use it sparingly. The next year while home I asked the pharmacy if they had any in stock; at that time the stores were all unable to get any more. My parents had used the product since our childhood for various remedies of which it always worked. If anyone knows how I can purchase more please let me know.

  41. Dear FMILLER these are the Active Ingredient

    Methyl Salicylate 0.05%

    INGREDIENTS: KAOLIN, GLUCOSE, GLYCERIN, WATER, BORIC ACID, SODIUM BENZOATE, METHYL SALICYLATE, EUCALYPTUS OIL, PEPPERMINT OIL, AND SALICYLIC ACID. If your friend can produce this please let me know as the company is no longer making it. I would be interested in purchasing some. My email thank you

  42. Has anyone been able to find the old fashioned tube of antiphlogistine yet? I’ve been looking for years. I used to use it on my kids’ pimples and it worked great !!!

  43. Can’ t get rid of this chest cold and looking for this antiphlogestine product my Mom used to use on me. Saw something at walmart?
    If u find it…let me know. this product at walmart is $16. somemething

  44. I’m looking for this also. My grandmother used it as a poultice on our chest for congestion when any of us had a cold, and she also used it as a drawing salve for boils and splinters. This stuff worked so well. I wish I could find it. Amazon shows it in the paste form for horses but says they are out of it and don’t know when they will get more. They do have one in a tube or pump but it is a lotion. I want the poultice

  45. Renee,
    I’ve been looking for this for quite some time and I happen to live in Milwaukee. Would you mind sharing where you found the tube?! Thanks!

  46. I found a 7 ounce tube at a local pharmacy in Milwaukee. It works for boils, cysts and other skin infections. Made by W.F. Young, Inc in Springfiels MA 01102

  47. Dear JMAJOR:
    Please rad my previous message. Thanks

  48. Dear JMAJOR:
    If you have the contents written on the tube and can mail them to me, I have a cousin who owns a compound pharmacy and told me he can reproduce the product if he has the formula. I have been desperately trying to find Antiphogestine Poultice to treat a chest and lung condition on my brother. My mother used to use it on us as children and it always worked miracles! Please help me! Thanks.

  49. I have an old tube of the product and use it sparingly for splinters. Have used it for boiled and am now using it on a knuckle for a skin condition the doctor could not cure with a steroid. It’s working.
    Purhased it many years ago at an independent drug store in Sanford ME. All the big corporate drug companies could not supply it.

  50. Please help me find some antiphlogistine drawing cream, ointment, salve. I know this product really works. I need the drawing product, not any of the others. PLEASE HELP.

  51. I am looking to purchase antiphlogestine poultice. This is the best product for drawing infection out of skin, but I can’t find it to buy it for humans. Any suggestions?

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