Happy 60th Anniversary, Israel. In AD 70, the Romans laid siege to Jerusalem. For 1,938 years, the world thought Israel was a thing of the past. In 1948, the miracle happened. A new nation was created. People came home, and brought the deserts back to life. Is there a betterMORE HERE

Ever since it closed in 2005, folks have missed the Bermudian department store Trimingham’s. Fodor’s 1961 Guide to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda stated that the store had a “wide selection of bargains including doe-skin gloves, perfume, English handbags and Indian Madras sportswear.” The store opened in 1842, and wasMORE HERE

In London, The Crown Estate has sold the old Hotel Metropole to Malta-based International Hotel Investments Plc for £130 million. The once-successful hotel, built in the 1880s, will be renovated into a luxury hotel again. This came after worries of a possible demolition, as the building was not Listed. InMORE HERE

Whatever happened to Carroll Reed? It’s a question many East Coast folks have been asking since the ski-focused clothing chain shut down. At one time, there were 54 stores. The Carroll Reed Ski Shops Inc. was started, not by some matronly woman, but by Carroll Purinton Reed, a clever entrepreneurMORE HERE

Hilton sent out a release that the newly minted Waldorf=Astoria Collection will now include the Arizona Biltmore, La Quinta and Grand Wailea. The brand operates functionally as a Hilton, but with its own Waldorf identity. MORE HERE