So it’s not the same as having a life as the main FM in New York at the frequency 102.7, but it’s close. CBS Radio has brought back the album oriented rock station WNEW as an online radio station. No longer is it an artifact of radio history. Thankfully, aMORE HERE

Just like their mascot, that (sort of) singing Michigan J. Frog, The WB is back for another run. And this time, Warner Brothers is hoping the frog will actually sing. It’s a great time for old entertainment brands. Who would have thought that Screen Gems and United Artists would beMORE HERE

LIFE magazine lives on. The latest release from iconic LIFE comes in the form of a “stunning, oversized hardcover book” called Dream Destinations. The travel book takes readers to 100 of the world’s greatest destinations including the Masai Mara and iconic wonders like Montezuma. It hits bookstores May 1. “WorkingMORE HERE

O.K. so BrandlandUSA is losing all credibility with this one, but we think all good Americans will agree. The Love Boat should come back. Lots of great things are back. Marie Osmond is back on the American Broadcasting Corporation, starring this season on Dancing with the Stars. Sally Field isMORE HERE

What do Cheryl Lynn, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Ralph Stanley and Tony Bennett have in common? It’s Columbia Records, one of the greatest brand names in record history. Columbia, like all the record brands, is having a very long-playing spin these days, and it isn’t happy. Each record brand hasMORE HERE