We are beginning to get requests for the return of Kraft Fudgies. A quick search of the Kraft website shows NO Fudgies. Please bring them back, 42 in a bag.MORE HERE

It’s the perfect case for BrandlandUSA. Old venerable brand. Unionized workers. Well-known. Losing money. First-rate products. Legendary brand allure. Icon. Such is the case with Corning subsidiary, Steuben Glass. No longer is lead crystal the must-have bridal gift, and no longer is Corning willing to lose money. USA Today reportsMORE HERE

For people who love classic advertising, there are few commercials more irresistible than the TV ads of The Himmel Group. While Himmel Group is not well known, its former brands and ads are. There is that Doan’s Pills “back” and the Porcelana lady. Brands associated with Himmel over the yearsMORE HERE

One of the great forgotten American brands is Coca-Cola’s Tab. While it is still sold, and has a sort of cult following, products like Tab are always at risk of being shut down. After all, who would have thought that there would be no more Polaroid film after this year?MORE HERE

NEW YORK – The demolition of New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania looks a bit less likely with troubles on Wall Street, though it is still not safe. Merrill Lynch, the investment firm that would have occupied an office tower on the location, has other things to worry about. There is notMORE HERE

Hot dang. One of the zippiest little Fords of all time will return to the U.S. market. It’s the Fiesta. Here at BrandlandUSA we are full of sappy sentimentalism for any old American product that was fun, but is gone. But we realize that the folks at Ford didn’t bringMORE HERE

QUEENS – Egad. This is weird territory, but kind of fascinating. There was an elderly Brooklyn man who, in the 1980s, driving in a Mercedes coupe on the Grand Central Parkway, crashed and turned upside down. His distraction? He spied the Unisphere of the Queens World’s Fair, and was soMORE HERE

If it’s Lego’s 50th birthday, there is a reason. They came up with a good thing. They stick to it. Oh, they might add a Star Wars line. But the basic product remains. BrandlandUSA Rule: If it’s good, stick with it. Add some new things, but don’t muck with theMORE HERE

We have heard rumblings from anonymous BrandlandUSA readers that Kraft Pizza Dinners from Canada are being smuggled across the border to the U.S. The apparent reason? They are no longer sold in the U.S. Sorry for the crummy lo-res jpeg at right but its all I could find. A recentMORE HERE