Brandweek: 3-D Crest Kissing

The Procter & Gamble toothpaste brand Crest hopes to ride a 3-D revival, according to Adweek. Crest was established in 1955.

Pepsi aired a 3-D spot on the Super Bowl for SoBe, and NBC aired an episode of Chuck in 3-D last night. Disney has four 3-D movies slated for release this year, including Monsters vs. Aliens, which was promoted in a 3-D spot during the Super Bowl. Titanic director James Cameron is shooting a 3-D film for release in December.

Adweek is reporting that Crest is following on the heels of 3-D commercials in the Super Bowl by launching a Web site promoting its teeth-whitening system., gives visitors a “customizable kissing experience.” They choose whether they want to virtually smooch Olivia or Fernando, then choose from six styles ranging from steamy to cotton candy. The kissing experience includes 3-D special effects. After the make-out session, users are shown a commercial for Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal whitening system. Hmmmm.

The 3-D technology is used to create effects like steam, a shooting arrow and blown bubbles.


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