New York – On March 16, the board of the National Audubon Society announced that it had decided to retain the name of the organization, after a lengthy process to examine its name in light of the “personal history” of its namesake John James Audubon. The organization said that the decisionMORE HERE

PORTLAND – Maine College of Art today announced that it will be called Maine College of Art & Design, with initials and wordmark MECA&D. The College also unveiled a new strategic plan entitled Maine College of Art & Design Strategic Plan: Envisioning Our Future 2027. “At one point we allMORE HERE

Didn’t most people already call it the Y? Wasn’t the logo already a Y? On the heels of General Motors asking people to start calling Chevy by its full name, Chevrolet, we now have a marketing genius at the Young Men’s Christian Association saying that officially, the YMCA will nowMORE HERE

RICHMOND – I am a bit partial to the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. They saved Jamestown Island, began the effort to save Williamsburg and have saved hundreds of historic houses across the state with their many affiliate groups. They have been a strong and potent advocate forMORE HERE

Of all the great institutions of the world, the Catholic Church has the most staying power. But with priestly scandals and Vatican II modernization, the “brand” has been tarnished, and millions of communicants have left. To deal with this, in 1998 the Diocese of Phoenix started an effort to bringMORE HERE

The excellent blog The Agitator, for non-profits, had a great post on bringing old charity brands back to life. Fascinating. Here at BrandlandUSA, we always MISSED that United Way was no longer Community Chest. Community Chest will have free advertising in perpetuity because of Hasbro’s game, Parker Brothers’ Monopoly. LookingMORE HERE