Here’s a word relationship that won’t be on S.A.T. tests. As Schweppes is the top brand for tonic water, Canada Dry is the top brand for ginger ale. This pre-1960 guide, from the collection of the late attorney Charles P. Pollard, shows a historic, and sellable, image of the brand.MORE HERE

Before there was Gatorade or Tropicana, there was Celo. Information on the forgotten drink Celo is on Lucy Jones’ Florida History blog. It’s about a Sarasota (that’s where I am!) drink called Celo. It was made with celery, apparently grown in the celery fields in eastern Sarasota County. The fields wereMORE HERE

FORT LAUDERDALE – Make a simple boring product, keep at it, and folks will buy it. That’s the philosophy behind National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ:FIZZ), makers of the discount brands Shasta, Faygo, LaCroix and Everfresh. The company reported a good financial period ending January 31, 2009. Revenues increased 5 percent toMORE HERE

BRADENTON – We grew up and were always pals with Tropic-Ana. She not only graced the packages of Tropicana, but she was on the outside of the bright orange CSX freight trains that ran from Palmetto/Bradenton Florida to packaging plants up north. Yes, she was topless, but somehow it wasMORE HERE