Where’s Tropic-Ana? Bring Her Back

Tropic-Ana, Mascot of Orange Juice

BRADENTON – We grew up and were always pals with Tropic-Ana. She not only graced the packages of Tropicana, but she was on the outside of the bright orange CSX freight trains that ran from Palmetto/Bradenton Florida to packaging plants up north.

Yes, she was topless, but somehow it was covered over by a nice sort of necklace that always stayed positioned PERFECTLY.

She was gradually phased out, somewhere in the 1990s, though the date is uncertain. She does appear in the Tropicana online company history. Today, the Pepsi-owned brand is best known for an orange with a straw coming out of it.

We read from the Under Consideration design blog that Tropicana is redoing their packaging again. It is fairly handsome, but minimalist. Not too bad, but we really want Tropic-Ana back.

Ana did return for a time for the company’s 50th anniversary in 2003. Pepsi launched a contest to find the “next” Tropic-Ana, and also issued a 50th anniversary carafe featuring Tropic-Ana. According to a 2003 press release, Tropic-Ana was based on Chrissie Kesten Pool, who modeled for the drawing and played the role of mascot.


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  1. I believe John Perotti is correct as I meet Ed. We spoke at length about his artwork, including Tropic-Ana. He was living in Mantua? (Close to Glassboro) at the time. Very interesting guy! He lived with only the bare essentials.

  2. John, You are wrong! My uncle, Janie’s husband headed us Advertising/Marketing and left with a nice chunk $. You may have been involved later years but for SURE not to begin with.

  3. Michael, you got it!

  4. Uummm…. My Aunt was the actual artist. My cousin has stated this. There are 2 original artworks so…Just saying! I knew the model who posed.

  5. Hi guys..We have opened a Bradenton History Museum on our 1924 cottage in the Village of the Arts to help educate the community and tourists about the history of Manatee county and it’s storied past..We are doing an extensive exhibit on the Tropicana OJ Plant and logo Tropic-Ana and the trains..ANY information that you can help me with, or photos, or memorabilia, if even on loan, would be so great to educate the thousands of folks that come through our gallery and museum..at 1215 12th st west, Firestone Gallery..Thank you so much, and do not forget to drink your orange juice..

  6. Tropic-Ana was designed by Ed Winarski who was a graphic artist for Owens-Illinois Co. in Glassboro,NJ. Owens made the bottles for Tropicana, as well as other Florida juice producers.Ed was sent to Florida for three weeks in the early 1950’s to help help with advertising , and packaging. He drew Tropic-ana based on a neighbors child in Barnsboro,NJ named Vicci Schmidt.

  7. I have a pendant for ladies necklace of Tropic Ana and 2 Tie Tacks of her. I would also like to see her back on the packaging.

  8. What year was Tropic-Ana created? They are featuring her on the 65th Ann. packaging. Check out Wal Mart in the near future!

  9. I have had a large number of hits on this Tropic-Ana history page in recent weeks from across the country. Let’s hope Pepsico does the right thing and brings her back.

  10. I’d like to see Tropic-Anna back, too. It was a great logo and one that was creative. I love the drawing and happen to be related to the Kesten family through Chrissie’s mother.Thanks for the information about your mother and about Tropic-Anna.

  11. My grandmother, Jane Beckley Burt, was the original artist of Tropic Anna. Her compensation? A firm handshake and a pat on the back. No wonder artists are starving.

    I would hope that the reason the logo was pulled was not out of political correctness because she was “topless;” Tropic Anna was merely a cartoon based on a 3-year-old girl who was a neighborhood friend of my father. It would be great to see my grandmother’s work back on Tropicana packaging.

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