One of the best-known toothpaste brands of the 20th century is still around, sort of. The toothpaste brand, which in Turkey is as well-known as Colgate or Crest, is a forgotten footnote, and has been on and off the market in the U.S. for decades. Today, it is still hardMORE HERE

TORONTO – There’s a niche airline that gives free drinks, flies planes with propellers and only goes on a few select routes. Best yet, it puts its flight attendants in pillbox hats. It’s Porter Airlines of Canada. Kind of like a regional Virgin Atlantic, but it has a serious, moreMORE HERE

LONDON – We happened upon the Brand Licensing blog of Adam Bass of London. He reports that his company, Golden Goose, is licensing the imagery and icons of the London Fire Brigade. This is fascinating, as there are so many municipal fire, police and rescue companies that have long histories,MORE HERE