The mid to late 20th century was the era of mass marketed snack cakes; national brands like Hostess were the best-known, but there were others including Drake’s Cakes (1896), Philadelphia’s Tastykake (1914) and the nobly named Dolly Madison. Dolly Madison began in 1937, and was formerly owned by Hostess’ thenMORE HERE

We happened upon this Entenmann’s display at our Publix store at The Landings in Sarasota. It was not like Entenmann’s at all, but instead directly resembled the Hostess display assortments of the 1970s, namely cupcakes and fruit pies. Hostess, no longer aggressive about its advertising and shelf space, and hasMORE HERE

A few weeks ago, we got a Hostess fruit pie. Blueberry, I think. It was good. Thanks to YouTube, someone posted the commercial just so I could remember whether the commercials were as good as the food.MORE HERE