We’re Lovin’: Baumanometer

The Baumanometer. The blood pressure icon that decorates just about every medical exam room. Founded by William A. Baum in 1916, the product is still around, with parent company W.A. Baum located in Copiague, New York.

The Baumanometer is proof that American manufacturing can make a great brand, a brand and product that does not have to be merged, computerized, outsourced or licensed to survive. It just has to do one thing well, and focus on its market, namely physician offices.

The only thing we think the company is missing is a licensed Baumanometer line of authentic toy doctor kits; what could be better than to have children asking after the classic W.A. Baum logo when they go to the doctor’s office.

Great stethoscopes! Long live the Baumanometer.

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