Marshall Field’s Boosters Rally on Tuesday

Those fans of the Marshall Field’s department store will rally again Tuesday, not only to express support for the Field’s name TWO years after Macy’s killed it off, but to celebrate a new book on the iconic Chicago department store. Details and information are at It’s quite amazing that folks love a department store that much. GO GO GO. Give the lady what she wants!

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008, they will hold a lunch hour rally to “Support the Return of Marshall Field’s” under the “Great Clock” at State and Washington Streets. That evening, there will be a reception, talk and book signing by Joan Greene, author of Marshall Field’s Food and Fashion: A Chicago Tradition.

A bit about the previous rally.

The past two years’ September 9th protest rallies in support of the return of Marshall Field’s were covered worldwide by hundreds of media outlets. Images of you rallying for the return of Field’s by holding protest signs and picketing in front or our beloved Marshall Field’s on State Street were seen as far away as the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and Asia. Thanks to you, the message that Chicago will not settle for anything less than Marshall Field’s was heard (and is still being heard) around the world.No to Macy’s

BrandlandUSA wrote a number of pieces on ways that Macy’s could preserve the value of the Marshall Field’s brand, but the company did not listen to any of those ideas, and the hundreds put forth by friends of Marshall Field’s. In the interim, they are boycotting, and supporting other Chicago-inspired retailers. Below are a few of the stories:


The reality is that it is STILL possible for the name to return, and for Macy’s to get out of the absolute mess that they are in, not only in Chicago, but around the nation.

Places like Florida, which misses the heck out of Burdine’s. Read the story on some Macy’s locations that are closing in the Miami Herald. The “I Miss Burdines” crowd still has punch.

We are grateful that Macy’s is continuing to operate these stores, particularly the Brooklyn A&S store, which means so much to the identity of Brooklyn. Our post detailed some ideas we had for the revival of a great old name like A&S, though it was generic enough to apply to many dead brand names.


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  1. perhaps it is time to change direction and begin shopping at the store again. But each time you go, give them a lapel button in support of the Marshall Field name, and ask the clerks to wear it. Give them pens, etc., all with the cause on it. And wear the buttons in the store.

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