Readers Want Tickle Deodorant? You bet!

Yes, we had a reader ask us what the heck happened to Tickle Deodorant. So we have added it to our Facebook Application called Brands to Bring Back from

You can find your favorite dead brand, and send a bit of it to a friend! Give ’em a tickle! Tickle is the freakiest dead brand around. Kinda sick actually but entirely amusing.


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  1. I want it to come back also. I really liked it. It was gentle on the skin. It just was fun, girly and cute.

  2. This was my first deodorant and loved, it!!!! I got so many complements from guys saying I smelled good. No perfume just that. I rolled it in a huge area lol. I loved the smell of it. Pleassse bring it back. Ill buy a case!

  3. I think it was 1978 or 1979 but I distinctly remember the ad on Tv- Tickle FLORAL ( pink) Tickle HWERBAL ( green) Tickle CITRUS ( Yllw) Tickle UNSCENTED (blue)- no giggling nad he stuff was fresh clean dried uber fast and lasted ALL day. Where is it? How about AGREE Shampoo and Conditioner too? Amazing smells folks the 70's were a great time for EVERYTHING.

  4. The blue is unscented, just found a trial size at my mothers house.

  5. I want it back…I loved it….

  6. I heard these caused Alzheimers and that is why they quit selling them.

  7. Hi Julie! I just found a brand new green Tickle – going to list it on Ebay! 🙂

  8. I loved the pink Tickle and used it for years. I always did wonder what happened to Tickle – the stores just stopped selling it long ago

  9. i loved the pink tickle and the green. i was 13 when it came out and i miss it. it did the job. and smelled nice all day. pleeeaaassseee! bring it back.

  10. Yes, yes – used it as a microphone as well!!!!

  11. the memories///plzzzz bring it back//wat a blast fr the past////

  12. Do they sell it anywhere I loved the Green herbal one! I would love to see it come back

  13. Forget how it smelled and how good it was, I used to use it as a microphone. Singing those old 70's songs into it.

  14. i loved TICKLE!!!! it was great.. it never burned after shaving. and the scents were so nice…bring it back. please!!!

  15. I live in Northern Ireland and when visiting relatives in Canada used to buy it in bulk. It was stuffed inside shoes, hand luggage, purses as many as I could possibly carry home. Would love for it to be brought back.

  16. I've also heard that the Blue was Unscented, but I don't remember. The Yellow (Lemon) was my first-ever deodorant. I remember getting it in my Christmas stocking…and being P.O'ed because I'd wanted the Hot Pink (Floral) one.

    The packaging was designed so the outer clear, patterned housing could be easily removed, leaving you with the contoured, easy-and-sensual-to-grip interior bottle. I remember removing the outer housing, but deciding to keep it, as it was fun to snap the bottle in and out of it. (Well, I was only 8.)

  17. Yellow was Lemon. I loved it! Bring it back:)

  18. Does anyone remember what the scents were? I think Blue was Baby Powder, Green was Fresh Scent – I'm thinking that Yellow was Lemon and that Pink was Floral…

  19. I used this when I was a teenager and loved it, my preference was the fresh clean scent of the green Tickle. No staining, dried fast, worked, went on in one swipe, easy to hold….it was the perfect deodorant!

  20. It was the only clear, liquid/gel not white one around I can't believe there is nothing else like it! Never stained your clothes cause it was clear!

  21. Loved the shape of the bottle 🙂 Oh yeah!

  22. I loved that deodorant!The yellow one was my fav! Please bring it back!

  23. I miss it too. I asked the vermont country store if they could get it. I miss the green and the yellow one.

  24. This stuff smelled nice (the pink one), but I was allergic so it was more like ITCHY than TICKLE!!

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