Reader Wants Breck, Yardley’s

Our reader “Cindy” mentions a few things that are on her  100 Brands to Bring Back list. We list them below. On her list is Breck shampoo.

We suggest she go to Dollar Tree to find it.

We love Dollar Tree, and not just because we grew up in the Norfolk, Virginia area where Dollar Tree started, but because they sell Breck as a store brand.

Here are the items on her Brands to Bring Back list.

  • Breck Shampoo (and the “Breck Girl” ads)
  • Studio Girl Brand “Golden Creme Shampoo”
  • Pepperidge Farm large flat goldfish crackers
  • Mothers Brand Cookies
  • Milkshake candy bars
  • “Lemon Up” spray on hair lightener with yellow plastic lemon shape lid
  • Heaven Scent Perfume
  • Yardley “Oh de London” perfume

Read our story, 100 Brands to Bring Back. And you will find HER list, and ours. Or try our Facebook application, 100 Brands to Bring Back.


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  1. The product sold by Dollar Tree that is labeled as Breck Shampoo is nothing similar to the original Breck Shampoo.

  2. Nabisco has a new line (at least here in San Diego) of Nabisco Classics cookies (in their own unique packaging) that seem to be versions of the most popular Mother’s Cookies, including the iced animal crackers!

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