Sure Westinghouse Goes Neon

NeonSource WestinghouseA few years ago, the Westinghouse brand was almost dead, a result of the breakup of what was one of the nation’s great industrial treasures. The company, known for its Group W radio, Westinghouse signaling equipment, Westinghouse appliances and Westinghouse nuclear program, was dismantled.

Westinghouse was nationally famous, especially late at night, listening to KDKA and KYW, which were both Westinghouse radio stations. You could sense what was great about Westinghouse with these stations, which was a company that was not only about technology, but security, safety and stability.

But the company was pulled apart, and it became less interesting in pieces. Thankfully the company’s brand survived through licensing. Its breakup is a bit confusing, and will have to be explained another day.

One recent push is on in store signage. Westinghouse Digital Electronics sells brands called neonSource, neonNow and neonPlayer, all products that give businesses a way to turn information displays into digital signage. The package also includes tracking to see how the signage program pays off with consumers.

Online, there are case studies including a link to a Westinghouse Digital Purdue University Calumet case study.

Looking for bits of the rest of the company?

Westinghouse Electric Company provides fuel, services, technology, plant design, and equipment for the commercial nuclear electric power industry. It is part of Toshiba.


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