Telegrams Return

Telegram from TelegramstopFirst vinyl records make a comeback, and then telegrams?

We have to thank the trend spotting website Springwise for this one.

Telegrams have returned. The website Telegramstop will let you write one online, and send it anywhere, for just a few bucks, $4.70 actually.

Great and fun idea for any special occasion. Totally memorable. We just wish they had partnered with Western Union for a little co-branding. What if these suckers came to the door with a birthday note and ….. CASH!

Question. Do they paste that lettering on the actual paper like the olden days?

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  1. Just to clarify, telegrams haven’t stopped. Western Union’s telecommunications network circuits were sold off in the 1980s to MCI. The telegram service is now run by International Telegram (iTelegram). Customers can place telegrams using the iTelegram web site or through a phone operator.
    Telegram operator (USA): 1-800-995-1844
    Telegram operator (Int’l): 00 +800 TELEGRAM

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