Bunny Misses Her Sweet Sixteen

I’m so disappointed that the best powdered sugar donut on the face of the earth is no longer available. I’m in my 40’s and have enjoyed these delicious little donuts as far back as I can remember. How excited my sister and I would be when my parents would bring home a bag of Merita Sweet Sixteens! We didn’t have a lot in those days, and those soft, fluffy, light little donuts were such a special treat!

With the ever-changing world we live in, a little continuity is nice — something you can count on from generation to generation. I feel like another little connection to childhood and family (and continuity of *my* universe) has been erased.

:::sigh::: I know it’s just a donut, but, hey…I’m still mourning the loss of my beloved Chef Boyardee Sausage Pizza Kit, too (remember when the cheese pizza kit was in a yellow box; the pepperoni kit was in a green box; and the super delicious sausage kit was in a red box?).

The first time I bought the Hostess SS donuts was about two months ago. I couldn’t find the familiar Merita packaging and happened to notice the new Hostess pkg. My heart sank right then and there, but I thought maybe it was the same product with only a new brand name. Okay, so maybe the first bag wasn’t fresh or something…so I tried a second bag recently. Blech. Booooooohissssssss!

You know, if Hostess is going to use the Sweet Sixteen name, they have an obligation to produce a product worthy thereof — it’s trickery to use the name, but not the recipe/process that made Merita Sweet Sixteen so beloved for all these years! Their version of Sweet Sixteen is far inferior. Has that “off” taste that all the other packaged donuts (EXCEPT for Merita Sweet Sixteen) have always had. Heavier, cakier, with a flavor that screams, “I’m a packaged cake product…what did you expect?”

Hey, Erik, thanks for the tip about the Bluebird brand — I’ve seen it here in NC but haven’t ever tried it. Thanks to you, I will, though!


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