Coca-Cola Bottle to be Replaced; America’s Ise Shrine?

ATLANTA – The Coke bottle will go.

After 12 years, more than 1,000 home run celebrations and countless family ballpark memories, the 42-foot-tall Coca-Cola Contour bottle standing high above left field will be retired from Coca-Cola Sky Field at Turner Field on July 2. A new one will replace it.

America is only as good as its goofy but great ideas like this, and Coke is encouraging fans to come out before July 2 to take a photo of themselves with the bottle.

The bottle is made up of over 11,000 pieces of Atlanta Braves baseball equipment including 6,680 baseballs, 290 bats and 86 gloves.

It is reminiscent of the Japanese temple the Ise Shrine, which is rebuilt every 20 years, so it remains forever new, but forever old.

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