Briefs: Ruth Madoff in Belgian Shoes, Quincy Jones and Georgette Klinger

  • Did we see Ruth Madoff in Belgian Shoes? The New York Post ran a photo of the wife of the Ponzi schemer in the NY Subway. They made a joke of that “once-stylish Ruth” sported “oversized jacket and unfashionable flats” but the flats are actually Belgian Shoes, which sell for $325 or so. Belgian Shoes is a great old brand and it will certainly survive this association.
  • While Vibe magazine has shut down, there is no reason it can’t return, or so says Quincy Jones in a story on The magazine shut down at the end of the month. “I’m trying to buy my magazine back now,” Jones told just moments ago during a telephone call to Jones’ London abode. “They just messed my magazine all up, but I’m gonna get it back. You better believe it, I’m’a take it online because print and all that stuff is over.”
  • Georgette Klinger, which has disappeared, has hired a p.r. agency, and their website,, is back up. The company was one of the top New York brands of facial care.
  • Primetime, the ABC newsmagazine, is doing a dumb thing. It is expanding into crime stories with the spinoff show Primetime Crime. If you recall it was Dateline that tried the same thing, and it took demographics downhill.


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