Pre-Mixed Martinis in a Bottle?

Martini in a bottleThere is something very 1970s about The Club pre-mixed martinis. Is it the idea that it is somehow too difficult to mix vermouth and gin? Or that it is too hard to find a cup, and you can use the top to drink it?

That’s the question we asked ourselves as we looked at this favorite brand of pre-mixed drinks. The Club is actually a whole complete line of “prepared cocktails” that are available at many liquor stores still. While the bottles have evolved since the late 1970s and early 1980s, the idea hasn’t.

Except now they sell Margaritas, Pina Coladas and T.G.I. Friday’s Pina Colada on the Rocks.

At one time The Club was made in Menlo Park, California. Any help readers could give us on the current bottling spot would be a help.


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  1. Those “ideas” can be huge.
    Since decades ago Germans love to mix apple juice with sparkling water, called Schorle. It used to be popular during summer time only.

    And a few years ago someone started selling ready mixed Schorle. It became an immediate success. It grew so fast and big, that today every water brand and juice company offers it.
    Plus, ready mixed Schorle now is an all year drink.

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