Brands of Toaster Pastries

Toast Em toaster pastryWhile we are big fans of Pop Tarts, we are intrigued that there are other brands around.

Wikipedia says that Post, part of General Foods, was the innovator in the early 1960s of the toaster pastry.

  1. At Dollar Tree today, we found Toast’em Pop Ups, which claim to date back to 1964 and are the descendants of those first toaster pastries. Their website says that Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company produced the first toaster pastry – Toast’em – for General Foods. In 1971, Schulze and Burch of Chicago bought the Toast’em brand, and still makes it. At $1 for six, it’s a deal.
  2. Nabisco used to make Toastettes, but we recall that they were never iced and were a bit more boring, though competent. If you go to the site of Toastettes, it refers back to Nabisco’s site. We won’t miss Toastettes that much, though there is a whole fan club that seeks to revive them.
  3. Then there are Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, the favorite. Pop Tarts, according to their site, began in the early 1960s, and were actually first to market. Frosted Pop Tarts appeared in 1967.

Did you know that after natural disasters, Wal-Mart knows that Americans crave Pop-Tarts, and they are restocked quickly because of demand.


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  1. There was a toaster pastry in the 70s that was a cross between Danish Go Rounds and Pop Tarts but they were each formed into a figure eight. Several people remember them but not the name…I was addicted to them. There is no evidence of them on the internet. Any help?

    1. Author

      Larry. They were a Kellogg’s product I think. Was it Toaster Strudel?

  2. Looking for a co-packer to make private label toaster pastry. Let me know if anyone is interested.

    1. Toastettes boring??? They were the reigning undefeated champion of toaster pastries…..period………….To this day in the store, once in a while without thinking, I pass the Pop Tarts, then stop for a second and look right or left for the Toastettes and go… awe crap!….nevermind, and move on. Thanks Kraft.

      1. You are not alone and “we won’t miss them?” Wrong!!!! Miss them like crazy. They were so good and they had a light dusting of sugar on the cherry ones remember them fondly. Grabbing them on the way out the door to get on the school bus. Frosted pop tarts are so gross. Sorry guys not a fan of Kellogg’s pop tarts.

  3. There is something seriously wrong with anyone who has eaten Toastettes and does not miss them !! I personally do not like toaster pastries with frosting. Why ruin a good pastry by putting bad frosting on it ? That’s like putting bad icing on your pie. The frosting was probably introduced on Pop Tarts to make the “cardboard cookie” somewhat edible and add some semblance of taste.

  4. In the sixties we bought a toaster pastry called Toastwitches. I don’t know who made them. They seemed to disappear about 1969. They blew Pop Tarts away. Does ANYONE remember these, or am I slipping between parallel dimensions? I can’t seem to find any history on this product to save my life!

    1. I remember them well. They had a much softer crust that our family thought was vastly superior to Pop Tarts. It seems to me they disappeared from the northeast Ohio market in late 1967 or early 1968. After they vanished it was years before we could even bring ourselves to buy Pop Tarts. In the 1980s I stumbled across a product in the frozen produce section with the same type of softer crust, but it too vanished and I can’t remember what they were called. At any rate, if you’re from a parallel dimension I apparently have lived there myself.

      1. I believe you may be thinking of Toaster Streudel as the frozen softer crust. I think those are still being made.

  5. Toastettes were the best! I haven’t eaten toaster pastries since they quit making them because the other brands are too doughy. Toastettes were lighter and crispy-toastier. Now I just make a loaf of banana bread if i want quick breakfast snacks for a day or two.

  6. I remember the animal shaped toaster pastries in the late 1960s. I loved those! Would eat them now. I think they were Toast’ems but I was pretty young back then so I could be remembering it wrong. I liked the elephants the best.

  7. who made the toaster pastries in 70s which were shaped like animals? I think I remember a peanut butter flavor shaped like elephant.

  8. looking for the recipe for poptarts
    It was on nbc today show this week
    and I cannot find it on their website.
    thank you…….

  9. Toastettes were the BEST!! The neat little x-shaped holes, the little “pillow” crusts and the sprinkle of sugar instead of frosting. So much better than Pop-Tarts! I hope they bring them back!

  10. Toastettes indeed had a frosted variety … but the crust was so pourous and spongy that the frost didn’t appear very solid on top, and when you toasted them the white frosting sort of oozed into the cakey goodness.

    And Toastettes were the ones with the little “X”s on top.

    I loved ’em, though. If you did too, join our Facebook group to help bring them back!

    (Thanks for the article, Garland. Keep up the good work!)

  11. I remember eating the ‘generic’ Toast’ems as a child & thought that they were much better than poptarts bc they were moister. I am glad that they are @ the $ Tree nowadayz

  12. You’ll need to add “Danish Go Rounds” The King of the toaster delights.

  13. I think it was Toastettes, but I could be wrong. Come to think of it, in the 1970s, any tart was a treat.

  14. Was it Toast’ems or Toastettes that had its little holes shaped like X’s? I liked those just fine, and at a much better price than Pop Tarts!

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