Brigham’s Closes Last Boston Ice Cream Store, a Not So Wicked Move

Boston papers are reporting the sad news. Brigham’s is closing its last store in Boston. The ice cream company has been an icon of Boston since 1924, and locals and tourists have seen it as a part of the Boston identity. It’s a great regional brand, and much beloved.

The chain was purchased in June of 2008 by HP Hood LLC and Luke Cooper of Deal Metrics, LLC. The issues surrounding the closing are not entirely clear. In a telephone interview with, Luke Cooper, managing director of Deal Metrics, told the paper that he declined to comment on the outstanding rent, the lack of health insurance, or what led to the restaurant’s closure.

“We’re closing in large part because of macroeconomic and financial factors affecting our sales,” Cooper told Thankfully, Brigham’s still has another 17 locations throughout the metropolitan area. “We’re certainly sad that we won’t be able to serve the people in Boston anymore.”

It would be good in such a time as this to try to keep these sorts of places open.

You know, sometimes I catch myself thinking that what I talk about here with brands is sort of esoteric, that it is fun thinking about, but in the end, the world goes on, and it doesn’t matter as much as other things. But watching the video above, I realize again that keeping good businesses alive is critical not only for our sense of well being and fun, but critical for our success as a country. When normal businessmen rely on a restaurant daily, when waitresses cry when their restaurant is closed, something is lost that is more than money.

I don’t know why companies treat these sort of things so casually. The good news? Brigham’s the brand and chain is still around, and Hood has deep pockets. It can ensure that the brand survives, and more, not less, jobs are created in the next year. Brigham’s survived the Great Depression. There is no reason why it can’t survive for another 50 years.

And I am sure there is SOME person with an empty retail space who can find them a WICKED location in Boston.


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