The Best Known Brands of Chitterlings for the New Year

Queenella Chitterlings

A staple of the holidays in the South are chitterlings, pronounced chitlins.

Growing up, of the animal parts, most Southerners would eat souse and scrapple, and chitlins. Souse is, of course, a head cheese made of the brains of a pig. It is eaten as a cold cut, and is in a sort of jelly, from the natural gelatin in the meat, I think, though I am sure they had to add more.

Some of the packaged sandwich meat brands sold souse as part of their product line. It is now totally out of fashion and I wonder if any brands still sell it. As I child, I could stomach it, but that was about it. Scrapple (pork brains), however, is a different story. Prepared well, it can be tasty, though the idea of it will kill the taste for most.

In the South, chitterlings (or chitlins) were eaten mostly by the servants, as they were given the offal. With the new awareness of soul food, suddenly these brands are becoming favored regional traditions, sort of a delicacy. Chitterlings (pronounced chitlins) are still popular, though do not appear on many restaurant menus. Nevertheless, there are strong brands, each having a following in different parts of the U.S. Note: they must be cleaned and officials recommend that they be boiled, so as to prevent dangerous bacterial contamination. They are, after all, a pig’s intestine.

Here, some of America’s best known chitterling brands, in no particular order.

  1. Uncle Lou’s Super-Clean Chitlins are from Cincinnati, Ohio. The brand dates from 1887, and come from a non-Southern perspective. Says the website, “As chitlin users know, preparing chitlins has always been a very long and tedious process. Typical chitlins take a very long time to clean and end up with very little usable product. “Uncle Lou” created a chitlin that takes very little time to prepare and cook.”
  2. Chicago’s Moo & Oink sells chitterlings, all hand cleaned, which seems to be a new culinary standard. They sell them in pails, including five and ten pounders. A 4.5 pounder has all fat and membrane removed. Their they say that “Everybody has a favorite chitlin recipe. Some like them boiled, others fried — but everyone likes chitlins from Moo & Oink.”
  3. Shauna’s is a true African-American brand of Chitterlings. Her Shauna’s Hand Cleaned Chitterlings are sold nationwide, but based in Maryland.
  4. Smithfield’s food service division still sells chitterlings. We seem to remember that Armour and Gwaltney used to sell them in white pails, but have not seen them lately.
  5. Queenella: We found them recently at Sav-a-Lot on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota.

Tomorrow: The history of Rapa Scrapple of Delaware.

Editor’s Note: Please read comments below on the quality of different brands. Our readers have very different ideas.


  • Garland Pollard

    J. Garland Pollard IV is editor/publisher of BrandlandUSA. Since 2006, the website has chronicled the history and business of America’s great brands.


  1. Worst chitterlings I have ever bought. They need to stop false advertising. Queen Ella has the nastier chitterlings ever. They need to take tripled cleaned off of the bag. This is some BULLSHIT!!!! Will NEVER buy them again and I am going to return the 2 bags that I have left.

    1. Totally agree. I brought some for Thanksgiving and they were not clean at all. The best I’ve had were Aunt Bessie chitterlings.

    2. I concur, thise are the worst chitterlings I have ever eaten. I think a different culture than Black Americans eat those simply because a black person would not agree that these chitterlings are the keast bit of tasty ijs.

  2. Queenella Chits are nasty and not cleaned. If you want some pre-cleaned chitterlings get some Aunt Bessies.

  3. Queenella Precooked chitterlings. Do not buy them they are not clean those chittlings are cooked uncleaned. That Queennella company should be sued for false advertising. Those chitterlings are not cleaned. They are full of grass, corn, and every thing else. I will never purchase them again and I am going to advise everyone that I know not to purchase those Queenella Chitterlings. I am still sick from what I’ve seen in those chitterlings. They should burn in Hell for distribution of that product?

  4. I grew up on a farm where we butchered hogs, and my mom would clean chitlins by running a water hose through them to turn them inside out, and then clean all food trash from them. I don’t recall her removing fat, and those were very aromatic and tasty.

    I just recently decided to put chitlins back into my diet, and while shopping another shopper told me that Aunt Bessie’s were the best. I followed her advice and found them almost spotless inside.

    The next time shopping, I decided to save about $3 and buy Uncle Lou’s. They weren’t as dirty as some here have reported, but I had to spend about half an hour picking out the little specs and excess fat. However, they were also tasty.

    My verdict is never to buy anything except Aunt Bessie’s. They save you a lot of time.

    1. Uncle Lou’s were the worst chitlins I’ve ever bought, little bitty pieces, basically scraps. I’ll buy the 10 pound red buckets before I ever purchase Uncle Lou’s again in life. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE PRODUCT.

  5. Aunt Bessie Chitterlings is the BEST on the market. You get what you pay for and her chitterlings cost $16.99 for 5lbs frozen bag. I’ve tried other just because they where cheaper but they were also dirty. 5 Stars for Aunt Bessie

    1. I agree Aunt Bessie is the best I rank Uncle Joe second. This passed New Years for the first time in my life I could not find any chitterlings at all ! Usually I can get Uncle Joe’s at Price Chopper here in Watertown, NY but because of Covi, the Ceo’s workers were all out sick for almost a year. Aunt Bessie, Smithfield and QueenElla is usually in Walmart they were all missing. Miserable !

  6. Aunt Bessie chitterlings are the best brand hands down however it does require minimal cleaning (i.e. removal of the membranes from the inside of the chitterlings)ALL chitterlings require some cleaning. I put my money on Aunt Bessie’s

  7. Just return these nasty so called triple clean the other day. They are nothing but red bucket quality being sold for cheaper.

  8. Queenella brand is awful as is IPB which is the absolute worst!!!! I wrote a letter to the company with photos of their disgusting product and received a refund. Audie’s are white as snow but clean. I will definitely check out Gourmet and try Aunt Bessie for New Years Day.

  9. i bought some Queenella Chitterlings and they were the worse i’ve ever seen. THERE WAS NOTHING BUT stuff to throw away in the bag. I had more than enough pig butts and not enough chitterling to eat. they were not really half cleaned at all and not enough to eat for 3 bags. i thought they were pre-cleaned. These bags I got from Walmart were terrible. i will never buy them again. somebody is getting slack with the chitterlings. i wish i could get my money back for them. THEY WERE TERRIBLE.

  10. I purchased Queenella Brand Chiterlings. They are not cleaned at all and they are way over priced. You may as well buy the pails. I found Aunt Bessie’s to be a much better product.

  11. Today I started to prepare my triple cleaned chitterlings by Queenella and Iam very upset as well as disappointed to find that there is only trash . What was suppose to be chitterlings were little torn strips. It is amazing how a company owner who has seen and received as many complaints as I have read tonight about their product could still be in business. I would like my money returned and the BBB should be notified of misrepresentation /lying about the product they are selling! I still want to know the direct person to contact regarding this matter.


  13. Over the years, my family has rotated between the Uncle Lou’s and Queenella brands for chitlins. Even if the brand claims the product is triple cleaned, you should go through every strand. Everyone doesn’t clean chitlins the same. Really anything is better than buckets full of slop. We had 70 pounds of chitlins this past Thanksgiving using both brands. I keep hearing about Aunt Bessie’s. I will try them at Christmas and post an update. I would like to try the Gourmet brand too. My mom saw a brand called Audie’s and bought 1 bag. Please do not waste your time or money. These are the whitest chitlins I’ve ever seen. They are pretty clean…probably bleached. There was not flavor or substance to the chitlins. I have tried to research the company so that I can personally send a letter about their product. If you are a true chitlin eater this Audie’s brand is not for you and a joke. Well I’m off to stock up for Christmas. Happy Chitlin Eating everyone!

  14. I’m a very disappointed customer. I spent over 100 dollars on your pre clean chitllings for thanksgiving. When I started to go through them, there was nothing in the bags but trash! The reason for me buy them was not to go through the hassle of a lot of trash and to get more out of it. This was a waste of my time. I will not purchase them again.

  15. I’m so disgusted with these uncle Lou’s (super clean) chitterlings. I will NEVER buy this again! I’m pregnant and hardly have energy to cook but I had been craving chitterlings for a while so I decided to buy these and OMG they are so dirty plus no one around here knows how to clean these but me so I was stuck in the kitchen cleaning 2 of the 5lb bags for 3hrs. Please take that off the market !!!!!!

    1. Uncle Lou’s were the worst chitlins I’ve ever bought, little bitty pieces, basically scraps. I’ll buy the 10 pound red buckets before I ever purchase Uncle Lou’s again in life. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE PRODUCT.

  16. Hi there! I appreciate the video of Elaine! Awesome job!!! I am very interested in sampling Aunt Bessies chitlins’ I have tried IBP & Farmland (unclean) & Uncle Lou’s (super clean). I prefer Farmland!

    I am attempting to “REVIVE THE CHITLIN’ CIRCUITS!” throughout the United States!

    This will be done for my restaurant venture. To support live music & original artists within the Saint Louis, Missouri and surrounding communities. African Americans NEED… to re – visit their HISTORY… to create venues to support music & art within their race & community!

    We don’t have to WAIT… for T. V. shows like American Idol & The Voice to discover TALENT… that is right under our noses & in our faces within our communities!!! This was done in the PAST… at “CHITLIN’ CIRCUIT VENUES all acrosss the United States!!!

    We are creating a music 15 – 60 second music commercial jingle to support this vision now. For a sneak preview of the artist creating the jingle, log onto: google, www. BLUES BY THUMP / JUSTIN

    My Great Aunt – Elizabeth Moton, owned & operated Moton’s Bar & Grill, which was the first soul food Bar & Grill established in Oakland, California for nearly forty years!


    SHE LIVED TO BE 97 YEARS! THE CAUSE OF DEATH… CARDIAC ARREST (natural causes) … FOR SOMEONE HER AGE! African Americans need to re – discover themselves in AMERICA!!! We better WATCH OUT… for them BULLETS!!! Including all of the othe SOCIAL ILLS & INJUSTICE… that is KILLING US!!! Chitlins’ ARE NOT OUR CURRENT KILLER!!!

    Fact is that the OLDEST AFRICAN AMERICAN in my family is now 99 and she still will eat a chitlin’! She has NO major illnesses other than aging symptoms! She has NO dementia or alzheimers either!


    I need your assistance in the area of Partnership, in an effort to create “NEW GREEN JOBS & HOUSING” OPPORTUNIES for the citizens of those communities!

    PLEASE… feel free to contact me at any time! I can be reached @ (314) 607 – 7162 or (702) 417 – 5071
    United Supreme Artists ( USA) Band
    C.C.O / Band Manager

  17. Aunt Bessie’s trumps EVERY other brand of bagged Chitterlings out there!! If you have ANY doubts, just try one bag and see the different for yourself. It’s easily like night and day…REAL TALK!! 🙂

  18. I am 55 years old and have eaten chitterlings most of my life during the holidays but dreaded having to clean several bucket to have enough to taste. I tried Aunt Bessie’s Chitterlings last year and do not want any other brand. Aunt Bessie’s label mentioned they are hand picked, clean and ready to cook. Of course, you want to go thru them but they are absolutely Clean and good!

  19. I’m a Detroiter and have to agree that Gourmet Food Center in Detroit does produce some very nice chitterlings. Unfortunately, they never go on sale and Aunt Bessie do.

    If you go with Gourmet you don’t be disappointed!

  20. As I read the list of the top 5 brands I wondered where is AUNT BESSIE. Then I wondered who made up the list. Well,it does not really matter because Aunt Bessie chitterlings are by far THE BEST and the CLEANEST. This is my opinion but I see a lot of people on here agree with me. I will bet once anyone try aunt bessie they will love and get them all the time. I clean what little fat is on them off under cold running water then I clean them again under cold running water. The third and final time I clean them under warm running water. And that is it. Have a happy thanksgiving and some good eating.

  21. I’m looking for Aunt Bessies in Oklahoma, those are the best that I have ever had! The last time I have seen them here in Oklahoma was about 4-5 years ago.

  22. I have tried all of these brands listed and none of them are any good. Once you try Aunt Bessie you will never try anything else. I take a small knife and cut one side open then clean and rinse. I have timed myself and one five pound bag can be cleaned in 15 minutes or less. Every one I told about aunt Bessie now only use them and nothing else. Just try one bag and you will be pleased.

  23. If you want the cleanest Chitterlings in the world buy them from The Gourmet Food Center in Detroit Michigan. All of their chitterlings are individually hand cleaned to perfection. They are the oringinal Home of the cleanest in the Country. They have been in business for over 25 years an are by far the Cleanest Chitterling In Town. Please go to an order yours today. Avoid the Holiday Rush an get yours today. We deliver anywhere in the USA !

  24. I am in Phoenix Ariz. I have tried most brands of chitterling, but I found Bessies to be the best in cleanest taste good too. I just can”t found them most of the time so when I do I try to buy as many as I can. Can some one tell where I can found another locate here in Phx.

  25. Being from Mississippi where “chitlins” are popular “when prepared by someone that knows what they are doing” I have to agree with the general opinion about queenella -not fit for the trash can thankfully Aunt Bessies imported from Denmark distributed by CKF Foods is available here they are the only ones you want!!!

    1. These quenella chittlins are the WORST EVER!! They are packed in so much it’s a shame. 5lb. bag I think NOT!!! Does anyone know the manufacturer so I can request a REFUND for this Junk ??? Thanks

  26. Chitterlings….A U D I E S…. brand. Do Not Purchase!!! they are HA HA HA AH ….ONLY the white linings and no sweet meat. Someone should clue this company that they have it all wrong. If the price is a penny, I repeat run and do not walk. They are horrible. Not even fit for the trash *****I RECEIVED A FULL REFUND*****

  27. I have purchased U.L before and they are pretty good in taste…not too dirty, but cleaner than the bucket….and don’t take as long to clean.. I want to try Aunt Bessie’s this year….

  28. I need to know where to find Aunt Bessie”s Chittlins in Atlanta Ga. I will need them by christmas…thanks

  29. Apparently none of you have ever tryed Chitlins from the Gourmet Food Center in Detroit Mi. They are the best. All of the Chitlins are 100 % hand cleaned. The company has been in business for 25 yesars an have an excellent reputation throughout the entire country. You can order them online an have them delivered right to your front door anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Our motto is We Clean the S*#t out of Chitlins. For immediate delivery order yours today from the Gourmet Food Center, Home of the cleanest Chitlins in the USA

  30. I bought Queenella Chitterlings for Thanksgiving, the biggest mistake i ever made. I’m not sure how they determine how much goes in a bag, or bucket, i suppose weigh them. I came across a bag with a rectum and two tits, and they were dirty as ever, i didnt even get a one plate serving out of them, thinking the mentioned items took up the weigh space. I was very dissapointed and like they say, “you learn from your mistakes!” I will never buy them again. I really put emphasis on “DIRTY”

  31. These are the worst I have ever cleaned. I did it out of love for my Aunt Lillie. We cleaned 25 lbs and end up with 5lbs. The batch looked like they were from poor pigs.

  32. I have tried lots of pre-cleaned chitlins that were not even close to clean, and based on these reviews decided to give Aunt Bessie brand a try. OMG! They are actually clean. I bought three 5lb bags and went through each and every chitlin with a fine tooth comb and found no straw, corn, or other fecal matter. As a chitlins lover, I am ecstatic!

  33. Aunt Bessie’s are great but sometimes I wonder are they really from the hog or pig. Has anyone been to their plant to see how they are cleaned. Don’t get me wrong, they are clean and good, but it makes me wonder how large they are…hum!

    1. I agree, these are not normal looking chitterlings where do you find chitterlings that are all the same size? They look more like sleeves instead of chitterlings. Having grown up in the country, I know what they should look like, and Aunt Bessie’s are not normal looking. I don’t trust that they are really chitterlings so while they may be clean, I purchase other brands that I already know that I have to clean them.

    2. Ladyvader I agree they are large! I cooked some for the first time last week . They ARE clean…BUT I have NEVER seen any that large before. I grew up in the country also and I too know what they suppose to look like.I could not eat them. I’m not buying anymore. No,they don’t look like pork chitterlings.

  34. Aunt Bessie is definitely the BEST in my oponion. I just cannot find them where I live. They are the cleanest I have ever seen! I have tried to find some stuff on them and it was not any! OMG!!! THEY ARE THE BEST TO ME!!!!! If anyone knows where I can buy some in eastern NC, please let me know! Thanks


  36. I found some not so tasty, audies” they are white and you have to cook all day!! REQUESTED A REFUND!!!

  37. I love Aunt Bessie chitterlings. I am kicking myself for waiting until two days before Christmas o buy my chitterlings. I ended up buying IBP clean chitterlings. They were horrible. Had to be cleaned and then didn’t have enough to take to the family dinner. I had more crap than chitterlings

  38. I am in Hobbs, NM this pasted Thanksgiving my dad come down from Ohio and we cooked so “Aunt Bessie” brand and i will never eat any other brand besides Aunt Bessie. Is their any one that can tell me how to get some shiped.

  39. The worst chitterlings you can buy is Parks cleaned and cook!! I don’t like the sauce they use so when I thawed them out to rinse them I was totally disgusted!! Everyone of them were filthy!!! I’m from Toledo,Ohio and I was gonna send a picture to our news team to show what a health hazard this could have been!! Must be partners with Wilsons

  40. where can i find the mo and oink chittelins in the white bucket i really like them the ones that are clean can you provide me with the store that carries them

  41. Today I tried “Aunt Bessie” brand and they are ABSOLUTELY CLEAN! Omg I was very impressed…Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  42. Aunt Bessie are the best I just had to rinse them off.

  43. I had no choice but to buy Queenella’s chitterlings new years weekend and “OMG” they are the worst. uncleaned and horrible. Talking about false advertisement. I will never ever buy them again. ( Aunt Bessie where have U been all my life)? you have the cleaniest chitterlings ever.


  45. I have never purchased any of the brands listed except for moo & oink…been buying them for years, now that I no longer live in chgo, when I visit I take a couple of pails back with me. Moo and Oink is now closed, so where do we get our chitlin now!

  46. Uncle Lou’s chitlins are awful. I likewise just spent over five hours on three bags and they were so filthy and hard to clean. They also had a lot of scraps in them which made them very hard to clean. My hands are so chapped and I got repetitve strain on some injured fingers that I have. My neck is stiff and my feet hurt from standing so long. I could scream because I had so much to do that I didn’t get done. I won’t forget this and somehow I want everyone to know that they are awful! I was fooled by this article that said they were the best of five different brands. I should have got Aunt Bessie’s!

    1. Uncle Lou’s were the worst chitlins I’ve ever bought, little bitty pieces, basically scraps. I’ll buy the 10 pound red buckets before I ever purchase Uncle Lou’s again in life. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE PRODUCT.

  47. I can’t believe that Aunt Bessie’s brand of chitterlings did not make this list, it should have been at the number 1 spot because they have the cleanest to ever be packaged in a bag. What they advertise is what you get, “Just Rinse and Cook”, true words indeed!!

    Now, I’ve tried several brands of bagged chitterlings before, and they all fail in the area of cleanliness, the exception, however, is Aunt Bessie’s.

    Try them once, and you’ll never want any of the others listed above.

  48. What IDIOT put this article together???, they must have not done their research!!!! Aunt Bessie’s is the BEST and the CLEANEST brand of chitterlings that you can ever buy in a bag, and deserve to be in that #1 spot, in fact, it should be the only one talked about in this article because to others don’t even come close in comparison.

    I used to clean chitterlings by the bucket, before bag chitterlings came along. Over the years, I tested different brands of bagged chitterlings, and discovered that Aunt Bessie’s are TRULY the cleanest, the company stands by what they advertise on the bag……..”Just Rinse and Cook”.

    Don’t be fooled by the mis-information of this article, and to think that the article writer did NOT even give one mention of Aunt Bessie’s brand is an ABSOLUTE joke, as well as showing his/her lack of knowledge.

    Try Aunt Bessie’s once, and you’ll happily never go back to those other GARBAGE brands!!!! 🙂

    1. Aunt Bessie’s beat them all they are expensive but they are the cleanest I have ever had. I haven’t purchased maybe 30 plus bags since I was told about them and I have not been disappointed. All I have ever did to mines was wash and cut them in to pieces .Really it is the ONLY ONE when it comes to cleanest ,best tasting, less time to prepare and shorter cooking time

  49. I can DITTO what Betty R. and others said above about Queenella Chitterlings!!! This MESS is GOSH AWFUL, and cost more because they are SUPPOSED to be clean. “Rinse, cook, and eat” is a huge joke!!! Don’t do it folk, and whatever you do, NEVER cook chitlins frozen. The four bags that I have in my sink right now are DISGUSTING. If you want rather clean chitlins folk, DON’T BUY QUEENELLA!!! I repeat, DON’T BUY QUEENELLA!!!

  50. I usually buy ‘Aunt Bessie’s’ super clean’ chitterlings to clean & cook for my family around the Holiday Season. THEY ARE THE BEST!! Very, Very Little crap on them and are quite tasty, to boot.

    This year, however, I took a chance and bought ‘Uncle Lou’s’ super-clean chitterling – (the store I went to didnt have “Aunt Bessie). Now, I KNOW that we (the consumer) have to go over & clean even the cleaniest of chiterlings before cooking them, just to be sure, and I expect some of them to be in need of additional cleaning. But Uncle Lou’s brand of Super Clean chitterlings (I purchased 15 lbs @ $5.99 per 5 lb pack) are THE worst I’ve EVER seen in my 45 yrs of life!!

    These are ridiculous!! They are LOADED with crap on each side of every strand I pick up to inspect and clean!! Then to top it off, I recieved TWO rectums AND a penis in One of the bags (No Joke)!! I am SO disgusted right now!! UNCLE LOU’S BRAND OF CHITTERLINGS ARE NO WHERE NEAR CLEAN, LET ALONE, SUPER CLEAN!!!

    I don’t normally complain on blogs or websites, but I’ve been cleaning these for FIVE hours straight, and I’m nowhere close to being finished. These are utterly atrocious!!! Needless to say, this is the LAST time I purchase ANY of ‘U.L’s’ products and I will be telling ALL of my family and friends about this experience and admantly ask them NOT to but Uncle Lou’s Super-Clean Chitterlings!! ‘ Super – Clean’ …. what a joke!!

  51. Queen. Chitterlings are the worse. I dont eat them but my great great aunt use to slaughter her own hogs. So I knpw about the water hose and everything. queen chitterlings should not false advertise that they are triple cleaned. I cleaned 2 bags for husband and his dad and when he came in he said ” why you didnt buy more than one” I tole him I did over half the chitterlings were waste.

  52. I bought the Aunt Bessie Chitterlings and still had to clean them. They don’t take the membrane off of them. I didn’t mind doing it though but it did result in less chitterlings.

    I have also purchased the Moo & Oink chitterlings and look forward to seeing how they look.

    I’ve also heard that the Uncle Lou’s are not that clean as well.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Queenella chitterlings.

    The Moo & Oink Chitterlings were on sale for the 4.5 lb. pail. They’re thawing so I’ll report back.

  53. I bought a 10 LB bucket of Smithfields from Kroger there was more waste than usable meat.
    The bucket says 10LBS by the time you unthaw you have a bucket full of water and about 7LBS of product then once you clean them you might get 3 to 4LBS This is not worth the price. I got them on sale for $8:00 I should have bought a different brand at regular price.


  55. The best pre-clean chitterlings you can purchase is Uncle Lou’s. They have the cleaniest chitterlings, but you still have to go over them,but it does not take long.

  56. I contacted the corporate office today. I am a consumer of Queenella brand chitterlings. I purchased 6 packs yesterday from Walmart in Atlanta, GA. The packaging is blatantly and falsely advertising rinse, cook and eat in a 5lb bag. However, I have several issues with those statements: – The chitterlings are not cook and eat ready. Had I just rinsed, cooked and ate like the packing states my entire family would have been rushed to the emergency room. These chitterlings are filthy, with all types of waste in the packaging. – The package also states 5lbs which is also blatantly and falsely advertised. The contents of the package weighed in at little under 3.25lbs and another package was just under 3lbs

    Moo & Oink clean chitterlings like I would they contain no waste, hair, fat, membranes or anything but clean chitterlings. They are just expensive. But it’s worth it. Too bad they are not in Atlanta.

  57. I purchased four bags of your Queenella Tripple Clean Chitterlings. Three of the four bags were not clean and of the three, I had to clean two bags as if they came out of the diy buckets. Each bag had LOT 0016 on it.

    I paid $6.99 each plus tax and I think it is unfair that the product was not representative of it’s label.

    Please see that this message gets to management.

    You Need to Know This,

  58. Queenella chittlins are the WORST. Triple cleaned, just rinse and cook! BULL. They were nastier than the ones in the bucket. Once I cleaned them properly, I had a mouthful left. DO NOT buy this product. It is a waste of good money.

    1. You are SOO CORRECT!! The WORST EVER!!!!!

  59. Sorry Aunt Jamiama but I just bought Queenella’s chittlins and they are nasty , will not ever buy them again . Just try Aunt Bessie’s and see which ones are cleaner. I am not a hater.


  61. the frozen chitterlings that’s sold in the little buckets heat and serve. Now that’s who need to be sued. they did not clean any of that bucket of mess

  62. all chitterlings have to be clean either way so there’s nothing going to stop me from eating queenella chiterlings as long as i have water. the only chitterlings i refuse to eat ,are the ones that’s already cooked,those are the ones that’s not clean that’s nasty

  63. You can now purchase Aunt Bessie’s Chitterlings in Dayton OH at Food for Less on East Third St. Is anyone aware of another place in Dayton that has Aunt Bessie’s?

  64. aunt bessie’s the best ever

  65. I was so disappointed in my preclean Chittterling.There was no way I could have wash and cooked them.I will never buy Queenella Chitterling again.

  66. I was never so disappointed in the preclean Queenella Chitterlings. They are not by no means ready to rinse and cook. I bought 5 bags and they were no different from the regular ones. One bag I believe was mixed up with the throw away, because most of the bag was the testicles and waste. In this one bag I found ONE usable chitterling. However all of the other bags had plenty testicles in them. I am very disappointed.

  67. Queenella chitterlings were the dirtiest I have ever seen. If some one threw them into a pot and cooked them they would probably have food posion. I am reporting them to the board of health. How dare they say they are clean!

  68. Gueenella chitterlings are the worse things on the market today. To promote those chitterlings as clean is just too disgusting for words. I will never buy any thing else from that company.

    1. My thoughts as well!!! The bag has more water then anything! This is NOT 5lbs. net weight. More like 1/2lb.!!!!

  69. a reader is looking for chitterlings in Rockford, Illinois, and in particular longer ones. Any help a reader could provide would be great.

  70. I brought your Queenella chitterlings (lot 0091)they are suppose to be premium triple cleaned,Ready to cook,they were not even clean and I spend all that money for them .I could had just brought a pail of chitterling.

    1. When companies say their chitterlings are pre-cleaned, it should, state they’re pressured cleaned, which means the guts were inserted with a high pressure of water to remove most waste. Aunt Bessie are the best pre- cleaned I preferrably like, but you still have to seperate the intestinal lining from the gut, for how to gooogle chris cook video step by step instructions on how to clean and cook chitterlings. I hope this helped. God bless.

  71. I bought some queenella pork chitterlings,and they were’nt not clean at all. It look like chitterlings in the pail.

    1. Of course there wasn’t because you still have to clean them!

    2. I know thats right.

  72. I started buying Aunt Bessie’s Chitterlings (frozen in bag) when I lived in South Carolina. They are ABSOLUTELY clean and not bleached! All you do is rinse well and cook. It looks like the whole intestine is left intact in about 6-10 inch pieces. You need to rinse under running water and then turn inside out and do the same. I have never had to do anymore than that. The problem is you can usually only find them at IGAs in the south and some KMART Superstores (if you can find one) in the North.

    Queenella brand is bleached and therefore flavorless, once you thrown away a good portion of them. Uncle Lou’s also have to be cleaned and both of these brands are torn up in pieces.

    Any suggestions as to how I go about convincing the meat counter managers at IGA stores, here in Ohio, to order Aunt Bessie’s? I am certain that once anyone that loves chitterlings, but hates to clean them, will never buy anything else. I would like to stop having to take 2 coolers to South Carolina with me, when I go.

    1. I really like Aunt Bessie’s Chitterlings as well, but you do have to remove the membrane. they are very clean and unbleached but the membrane is still intact and must be removed before complete cleaning and cooking them.

    2. I won’t never eat your chitterlings because you still have to clean them!

  73. lot of folks are having a hard time finding these brands….suggest calling up your local grocery store manager

  74. Thanks for posting this! For the past few days I’ve been trying to find which precleaned chitterlings are best, cause this will be my 1st time cooking them for the family. Glad I found this!

    1. My advice to anyone that eats chitterlings, a real chitterling eater would tell you, there’s no such thing as a pre-cleaned chitterling. All chitterlings have a layer on them that have to come off. Even if you don’t see any coins (mess) on the chitterlings and they look spotless, you have to take the layer off of them and then they are cleaned. I just cleaned 40 pounds for Christmas and they are spotless. Enjoy

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