The Tru-Edge Sharpening Steel

Tru-edge knife steelFor those who like old brands, having ones around the kitchen always satisfies, as they are reminders of when American companies made enduring products that were useful, practical and handsome.

Such is the case with Tru-Edge, a brand of knife steel or sharpener. I have one; I think it came from dad, but who knows. It is particularly useful as it has a diamond shaped middle that keeps it from rolling on the counter no matter which side it sits on. The handle is a sturdy wood, and it has a round hook on the end so it can hang in a busy kitchen, if you like. For me, it “hangs” with the Hoffritz (England made) in the drawer.

In looking up information, it appears that Tru-Edge was made by Ontario Knife, a company in business from 1889 to 1986 in Franklinville, New York, or perhaps still in business, as its products show up on all sorts of police websites and survivalist websites as makers of great machetes.

The Tru Edge trademark was registered to Ontario Knife Company on March 3, 1932. Ontario today makes brands that include Agilite Kitchen Cutlery, Old Hickory Kitchen Cutlery, RAT Knives, Ranger Knives, and Sci-Med Scientific Tools.


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. My knife has too much rust but I does not how to knife sharpen and does not how to remove it but on ready you blog I am now clear. Thanks

  2. @Bill Harrison ~ I agree with you about that diamond-shaped piece of metal having the purpose of protecting the hand from getting cut –if the human using the sharpening steel has hands the size of a squirrel. If the purpose was to protect the hand it would have been made larger. I have this True Edge and that piece of metal is used so it will not roll when it is set down. I am awake and aware and have common sense and couldn’t care less if you were born with a cleaver in your hands and stamped “Butcher” by the OB/GYN.

  3. i have a 10″ butcher knife with original wooden handles. The marking on the blade is a cutlass with the word “True Edge” and “Made in USA” engraved into it. I know that it is pre 1940 as my grand mother had it. Is it with anything besides sentiments value?

  4. Best steel I’ve ever used, they don’t make them like that anymore, had mine all my life, it was my paps. I’ve been lookong for a second one for years.

  5. That diamond shaped thing in the middle was to protect your hand from the blade while steeling the knife
    Been a butcher for 50 plus years,this was a good brand of steel

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