A Great Look at Cat’s Paw

Cat’s Paw Packaging from USPTOBrandlandUSA reader, Bill O’Neill of the St. Louis firm of Senniger Powers LLP, alerted us to this image from a 1930’s Cat’s Paw package. It was the image that was filed with the USPTO when the trademark was renewed in 2006.

Shoes are much better (and less slippery) when they have Cat’s Paw soles. We will be checking our local shoe repair shop and demanding Cat’s Paw next time our Weejuns are weary.

Here, our original post, a History of Cat’s Paw.


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  1. I’ve used Cat’s Paw on dance shoes before. Most professional grade dance heels have smooth leather soles, which can mean trouble for someone dancing on a slick surface. The rubber layer still allows me to slide when I need to, but keeps my feet firmly underneath me when I so desire. I too wish I could find Cat’s Paw material for this reason.

  2. I have a crow walker boot on my right foot and it had a Cats Paw rubber sole on it and they changed it to something else and I would like to know where I can purchase some Cats paw material because it wore well and held up well also. If you can help me it would be apprecated.

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