Noxzema Medicated Shave, once a leading shaving cream brand in the U.S., is now apparently discontinued. Supplies of the shave cream online are selling from $30 to $150 a can on eBay and Amazon, as precious as post-Prohibition liquor. They are still available in Europe, however. The original Noxzema skinMORE HERE

Broadwater Boat Company was a yacht manufacturer in Mayo, Maryland from 1956 to 1980. The brand made cabin cruisers out of plywood. They still have a following today. At right is a cabin cruiser, which was situated in the old Andy Wiley junkyard/marina and seaplane base in Irvington, Virginia. BelowMORE HERE

BrandlandUSA reader, Bill O’Neill of the St. Louis firm of Senniger Powers LLP, alerted us to this image from a 1930’s Cat’s Paw package. It was the image that was filed with the USPTO when the trademark was renewed in 2006. Shoes are much better (and less slippery) when theyMORE HERE

For generations, white sweet shoe peg corn was a staple of the Delmarva and East Coast. And one of the great brands was Mitchell’s Whole Kernel Fancy White Sweet Corn, made by Hanover Foods of Hanover, Pennsylvania. We found a can on the shelves, but we didn’t know if itMORE HERE

While we have a certain nostalgia toward old spice containers, the new promotion for McCormick has BrandlandUSA intrigued. For anything that asks the average kitchen warrior to dissect the packaging of a spice container has to be good. McCormick’s premise is simple. The spice you might have in the kitchenMORE HERE