Armour Lard

Armour Lard

Armour is one of the great meat brands, not only in refrigerated meats but in canned stuff like Armour Treet. Armour Hot Dogs are in some ways better known than Oscar Meyer.

Armour & Co of Chicago was one of the nation’s greatest meat brands; though the company has been split and two many pieces have survived.

One surviving item is Armour Lard, of course a by product of processing. Other old brands included Swift’s Lard and Lykes Lard.


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  1. To whom it may concern 02/03/2011

    (How I have used Armour Lard for 46yrs)

    My name is Sandra Gonzales 51 yrs old ,live in a small town (Kingsville,Texas ) and would like to let you know that I have been using Armour Lard as a moisturizer for 46yrs now , My Grandma use to put it on my face, arms and legs when I was little cause a had very dry skin. Well though out the years I guess my body got use to it and now it’s a daily use. In the past my friend have always asked me what I use cause my skin is always so smooth and when I would tell them it’s LARD they didn’t believe me.. but now I have lots of them use it as of today. I have friends that are MUCH younger then me and compliments me on my FACE all the time. Well just a piece of information I have been wanting to share for many years now….So to whom it may concern…

    Thank you
    Sandra Gonzale

    1. I just bought some at the store Sandra and was wondering if you use this at before going to bed .?

  2. I would like to know what ingredients are in Amour lard. Do you add preservatives and if so, what are they.

  3. looking for armour brand chitterlings. pls contact me 270-217-3295

  4. I want to know where to buy Armor Lard at a good price near Lexington,Ky.

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