Worst (Or Most Clever) Brand Extension Ever

English LeatherThis came in the mail with the Shell Oil bill, as an offer for Shell cardmembers from United Marketing Group LLC.

It’s a brand extension of that dime store cologne, English Leather. We’re all for brand extensions, and who can argue against extracting a bit of revenue out of an old brand, but this one was one of those situations that you think:

  • Glad I didn’t think of this (If it doesn’t sell)
  • Hey, how did they think of this (If it does sell)

If you recall, the cologne’s slogan was “Wear English Leather. Or Nothing at All.”

According to trademark filings, English Leather was first used in 1951. Many of the Dana brands were part of the MEM company of Northfield, New Jersey. MEM was led by Stephen H. Mayer.

It says on the paper “must have.”

It was later part of Dana Classic Fragrances, Inc. of Mountain Top, Penn. That company went through all sort of machinations; it owned brands like Tabu, Chantilly and the like. Many of the colognes and perfumes were sold as premium brands but moved downmarket, and became symptomatic of the lowest part of the market.

Should you want the support cushion, what a bargain!


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. I think calling English Leather a “dime store brand” is incorrect. I don’t think it was ever sold at dime stores. It was sold both in drug stores and department stores.

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