Great Brands: Tip Top Tomato Products of Ohio

TIPP CITY, Ohio – Back in the day, there were hundreds of regional tomato brands across the U.S.

Canneries were not giant agribusiness, but were instead closer to the field, family-owned. In Virginia, I can recall Webster’s, who was famous for his Webster’s catchup. Old man Webster lived in a giant plantation on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. While he is a forgotten figure (as is his catsup), most who travel Route 13 on the Eastern Shore will remember the peacock figurines that decorated his gates.

One regional tomato brand that survived is the Tip Top Canning Company of Tipp City, Ohio. According to their website, they opened in 1924, when the Timmer family purchased a cannery on South First Street in Tippecanoe City, Ohio. They said that back then, tomatoes were “grown in fields just down the road and brought to the factory in horse-drawn wagons.” They report that they have tripled production in the last decade, and apparently do a large amount of contract/private label canning.

The Timmer family still owns the brand, and they sell dozens of different tomato products, including this tomato juice. They promise that all of their tomato products come from fields nearby, including “dedicated family farmers” in the fertile soil of Ohio’s Darke County, Henry County, Putnam County, and Hancock County.

While you might want to ask your gourmet foodstore if they have Tip Top, we actually found this tomato juice can at the Dollar Tree. Must have been some overstock.


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  1. There’s none of your tomato juice in the dollar tree stores in area code 29640. One of the stores checked the other nine within a thirty mile radius.
    Is it possible that we’ve seen the last of Tip Top Juice in the areas? Hope not, it the best I’ve ever drank. I’m having less fun. Bob Gwinn

    1. Author

      we may well have seen the last of it Bobbie…hmmmm… hope another reader can help us out with it.

  2. Do you reply to these emails? I checked nine
    General Dollar stores in the Easley, Pickens and Greenville South Carolina but got no results. But, I have got Tip Top before from same stores. My phone # is 864-859- 7767.

  3. I love your tomato juice, but the only place that I can find it in my area is Easley, South Carolina. The Dollar General Stores don’t ever know when it will get more in and that is the only store that carry’s it in this area. Is there any other store that has it in my area? Please hurry, I’m on my last quart! 🙂 Sincerely, Bobbie Gwinn

  4. I discovered your tomato juice in Dollar store here in NC. I am hesitant to consume food products from the Dollar store, but seeing it is made in the USA, I wanted to try it. I absolutely love tomato juice! Tip Top tomato juice taste just like the tomato juice my mom made from our home grown tomatoes on our farm in Mcleansville, NC!! I hope store keeps it in stock for many more years!

  5. Just discovered your product today at Dollar Tree. We buy lots to tomato juice. Finding your product for $1 a can. We will be helping to keep you in business. Made in the USA. Going to put your product on my face book to let everyone know.

  6. I love love love this Tip Top tomato juice. Please please put it back on the shelve at Dollar Tree.
    I just bought the last can and they told me they did not know when they would get more. Please the Lincoln, Nebraska Dollar Tree stores.

  7. Please get tip top tomato juice back in dollar tree stores in MN!

  8. Are you still shipping the 64OZ canned tomato juice to the DOLLAR STORE organization?
    What UPC # does this item have?
    I am in Northeast Washington State and do miis your Juice. Regards, RJE

  9. I just discovered your product at Dollar Tree although I think my mother had it in our house in the 60’s. I am on a budget and a diet so this is great for me. Love the fact that this is 46oz. Need to tell you I do transfer your product into a plastic tomato juice container I had from a local store brand juice that is also 46 oz. I don’t like a metallic taste and I am afraid I will get that taste once I chill the can in my fridge. Please keep sending your overflow to Dollar Tree – this is one of those life’s little pleasures I allow my self – just add lime, and worchestershire sauce, and a couple of pickled mild dilly beans and enjoy.

  10. I would like to know who handled your tomato juice in my area. near Ft. Smith, Ark. I found it once and enjoy it.

  11. Tomato lovers, contact TIP TOP by phone or emai.
    Tip Top Canning Company, They can help you locate stores that carry their products.

    505 S. Second Street
    Tipp City, OH 45371
    Office Phone (937) 667-3713
    Office Fax (937) 667-3802

  12. woulde like to purchase tip top tomato paste in the Cincinnati are or Lawrenceburg In area where can I find them??? thank you

  13. ilike to by this produc coll me at 5135191251

  14. Great story. I live in Tipp City, just two blocks down the road from Tipp Top Canning. In the fall after all of the tomatoes have been plucked from their vines, you can smell the aroma of basil and tomatoes as they conjure up all of the different private label branded sauces and purees.

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