Sweet ‘n Low Rebuilds a Classic Brand

Saccarine sweeter

The original brand of saccharine sweetener, Sweet ‘n Low, is doing a major push to rebuild its brand in the wake of newer sweeteners such as Equal and Splenda.

Sweet ‘n Low dates from 1957.

The approach is a good one for an older brand. Above, a full page back inside cover from New York magazine. The ad just positions the product, and makes it look cool. The correct approach for an older, well-known icon like Sweet ‘n Low.

It will be a challenge, however, as most have stayed away from the sweetener twice. The first time, people moved to Equal, because many thought it tasted better. And then, folks moved to Splenda because it tasted even better.

The campaign is by Mother New York for the Brooklyn, NY-based Cumberland Packing Company, which also makes that classic, Sugar in the Raw.


  • Garland Pollard

    J. Garland Pollard IV is editor/publisher of BrandlandUSA. Since 2006, the website BrandlandUSA.com has chronicled the history and business of America’s great brands.


  1. Do most people really know what sweetener, by name, they are using anymore? Or is it “hand me the Blue / Yellow / Pink stuff”?

  2. “Sweet ‘n Low” is my sweetener of choice when I need to add something to tea or coffee. But I prefer a blend of other sweeteners, like in Coke Zero, when it comes to pre-sweetened drinks.

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