Brand Classic: Life Savers Sweet Storybook

Of the classic Christmas candy items, the Life Savers Storybook is among the best known.

Question for readers. Is the selection inside the story book the same as in years past? This year, I see Five Flavors and Wild Cherry, but I cannot recall what other flavors have been among the selection in the past.

Another question for readers: Do the candies taste as they should? Please help!


  1. I always had them growing up and this past year it wasn’t the same. I guess I’m after the time they put the mint flavors in the box (I’m 25), but my grandparents always gave them to us in our stockings every year. Grandma passed on in 1999 and my grandfather in 2008, but my mother kept the tradition going. The old boxes had two five-flavor rolls (the flavors in that roll have changed as well), two wild cherry, one wild berry (that went by a different name at one time as well), one tropical fruit, and two butter rum.

  2. I’m at this site because a friend & I gave each
    other Storybooks for Christmas. Sad part is a site called
    BrandLandUSA doesn’t have the answer. We have received them since
    our childhood. Seems we had cherry, 5-flavor, wintogreen, pepomint,
    clove, spearomint, butterrum and crystomint. Wussup with that!

  3. I was a child in the late 70’s and finding Lifesaver’s sweet storybooks in my stocking are among some of my earliest and fondest memories, however… they have changed substantially over the years.

    As I recall, they used to contain 8? rolls of candy (four on each side)… one side was mint: two pep-o-mint and 2 wintergreen, and the other was fruity favors… plus one butterscotch. I miss the mint, and I miss the two more rolls of candy. It’s just not the same — cutting corners is not always the right thing to do.

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